2017 Rittenhouse James Bond Archives Final Edition

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Release Date: 5-24-2017

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  1   Release Date: November 22, 2002  
  2   Surfing into Pukch'ong Coast, three MI6 agents, in  
  3   The helicopter carrying Van Bierk and his cache of  
  4   On his way to meet Colonel Moon in the  
  5   As one of Colonel Moon's men inspects the diamonds  
  6   Colonel Moon orders Zao to kill 007. However, Moon  
  7   007 commandeers a hovercraft, grabs a machine  
  8   After thwarting Moon's henchmen as their  
  9   Aboard the colonel's hovercraft, Bond and Moon  
  10   For the next 14 months, 007 is held captive in a  
  11   After 14 months in captivity, James Bond is  
  12   As he starts to walk across the North Korean  
  13   007 is taken to a medical facility board a British  
  14   After meeting with M, 007 uses biofeedback to  
  15   007 checks into the Rubyeon Royale Hotel in Hong  


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