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  • The first Topps set to be printed on white card stock since the 1969 set.
  • The first regular issue Topps set not to have bubblegum included in packs.
  • A pack promotion was a chance at winning a $100,000 buying spree at a card show.
  • A "match the stats" game card was included in every pack for a chance to win 10 gold cards by scoring 100 runs.
  • The gold cards were made available as a factory set, with reportedly 12,000 sets being produced.
  • The gold card factory set included a bonus card. Card #793, a signed Brien Taylor card.
  • In the gold card set, the checklist cards were replaced with cards of rookies Terry Mathews, Rod Beck, Tony Perezchica, Terry McDaniel, John Ramos, and Brian Williams.

User Comments

Jun. 29, 2017 - 10:07AM

After picking up a ton of 90's & 80 cards loose at the flee market a few weeks ago there was enough cards of 1992 topps and 89 Topps to give me a pretty nice start on the sets. I revisit all my own old cards storage vault and now I believe I will finish this 1992 Topps set, as for the 89 topps set I am pretty close to its own completion.

Nov. 2, 2015 - 9:10PM

Since I'm on a bit of a buying hiatus, I'm going through all my cards. I'm up to the 1992 set, which I had ranked poorly before. It's a little dull and cheap looking, granted. And there aren't player positions on the front. But real manager cards, with their career records as players and year by year breakdown of their managerial record! And color pictures of the player's home stadium on the back! And the white is clean and readable. It's not that bad a set, really.

Oct. 20, 2015 - 8:43PM

I've never been much of a baseball fan - I've always been into hockey. Back then, I was about 8 and already an avid hockey card collector. I would go to town in the summer with my grandmother weekly to attend Church on Saturday afternoons. She'd buy me a couple of packs of these cards before going back home each time. For Christmas that year, she gave me a factory sealed set of these. I spent dozens of hours looking at them, sorting them and getting acquainted to all of these players and figuring out who were the stars. I never got hooked on baseball, but this set - and all of the associated memories - remain very dear to me to this day.

Edited on: Oct. 20, 2015 - 8:44PM


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