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Monday, May 30, 2016

Set: 2002-03 Parkhurst

Card: #86 Scott Hartnell

“ this a Parkhurst card? ” -switzr1

“ Are these standard-sized cards? I know if I owned some, I'd probably be tempted to chop off the Parkhurst banner taking up so much space along the side, resulting in long skinny cards. ” -dilemma19

“ Not a big fan of the a player figure cropped and placed on a sterile background. In this case it makes Hartnell looked distorted and unnatural. ” -koloth42

“ Great player , shows up every night , wish I could say the same about this card. ” -uncaian

“ OK design I guess. What is that green background image? ” -captkirk42

“ I know Parkhurst's logo is green but it doesn't mean every design they make has to have that shade of green incorporated in their cards. ” -carthage44

“ Kinda stinks the Flyers traded him...he was a nice piece, and would've been useful in the playoffs. (Don't get me started about the Caps) ” -DarkSide830

“ There is something I don't like about the card company sticking their name and logo on about 25% of this card's real estate. The card itself looks pretty cool, but the team logo somewhere would have been a nice touch. Perhaps they should have flipped the company name and logo with the player name and team. ” -muskie027

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