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Friday, July 21, 2017

Set: 1997 Grandstand Amarillo Dillas

Card: #24 Ryan A. Thomas

“ Not a bad looking card for an MiLB card. It's not great but also not bad. Both sides are simple and to the point. Grandstand has been my favorite MiLB card manufacturer for a long time. I only go after cards of local teams and leagues when I'm at their games, but Grandstand always produces quality cards for a good price. ” -spazmatastic

“ Front isn't bad, but I hate the lowercase team name on the back. Not bad for a minor league card. ” -muskie027

“ I remember scanning this minor league set. ” -UKboogie

“ Pretty typical minor league card. I like the uniform combo. Is the nickname short for 'quesadillas' or what? That would be impressive! ” -mkaz80

“ Pretty nice front, interesting use of fonts on the back. I like. ” -rmpaq5

“ From the United League Baseball which played from 1994-2010. I could not find any future major leagers that played on the Amarillo Dillas. ” -carthage44

“ I like the front. I wonder if team and player names are coordinated with the team colors, or if this card was just a lucky example. Back is passable for a minor league issue, but I would have expected better in 1997. Fantastic team name! I'd love to own a hat, but that logo needs a rebuild... ” -dilemma19

“ Nice minor league card. I bet that team name can be a real tongue twister after a long night. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Nice basic Minor League card. Looks like he was drafted by the Padres in 1996 but never made the Majors only played 96-97 in Minor League. :( ” -captkirk42

“ I like the simplicity. The color scheme on the right side and bottom reminds me of the 90s perfectly. ” -nubala

“ More like a collection of ugliest fonts plus the photo than a card. ” -Thomas_Kava

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