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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Set: 2000 Playoff Momentum

Card: #27 Olandis Gary

“ These don't do it for me. The digital theme, lower case given name, no team logo and.. what seems to be my pet peeve... no narrative on the back. Talk to me, give me stories!!! ” -SFC Temple

“ Had a great rookie year then faded into obscurity. ” -carthage44

“ Fancy overpriced foil, dull and boring, that's about all I ever got out of Playoff. ” -Doc Floyd

“ Ugly. HATE cards where the player is superimposed on a computer generated background. ” -pistonfan

“ Front is dark and cold. I like that the player's face is discernible in the back photo. ” -dilemma19

“ Can't really say I like this card ” -switzr1

“ 2000 did Donruss own Playoff at this point? Front I'm guessing the hideousness of the backbround is chrome foil not scanning right? Really ugly card it is close to the team colors almost but not quite. UGH it IS supposed to be the team colors double UGH. Moving onto the back: Portrait photo way way too big as are the bars for his vitals. Only one year of stats? UGH it is the total CAREER stats. Yucky set. ” -captkirk42

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