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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Set: 2007 Upper Deck

Card: #839 Andy Pettitte

“ It's a cool thought for a design and has an Upper Deck look to it, but I am not loving it. It looks like a Mariners card, and with the alternate shirt, it is hard to tell it is a Yankee card. Too much of the info is drowned out, the team name, the position, and the first name is hardly noticeable. Great idea that didn't execute tell. ” -muskie027

“ I'm sold! I need to schedule a spring training trip to Florida. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Is that a spring training photo? Nevertheless, great player. Big fan. ” -DarkSide830

“ This has to be a spring training photo. ” -carthage44

“ Fun photo, must have been taken during Spring Training. Never rooted for Pettitte since he never played for a team I follow, but I'd call his career a sold B, maybe B+. Not HOF worthy but not inappropriate to honor him locally in NY or Houston. ” -Brimose

“ Where is pitching? Some South Pacific Island? "Now batting for Tahiti, Johnny Bench." ” -cjjt

“ Full stats on the back!!! Palm trees on the front!!! Yankees!!! ” -jayoneill

“ Except for being a Spring Training throwing session, I like the card especially the back design. Big fan of Pettitte. I feel that if he stayed in NY and didn't leave for Houston, he would have racked up some more impressive numbers for Hall consideration. Of course the HGH thing gets in the way too. ” -turrdog

“ I don't mind horizontal cards if the WHOLE set is horizontal. To paraphrase Debbie Harry, "one way or the other". I hate twisting and turning the cards while sorting cards, numbers not where they should be. Life is tough, don't make it any harder! ” -NJDevils

“ The palm trees are sellin' it! 'SOLD!' to lady holding the umbrella drink! ” -Doe MG

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