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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Set: 2000-01 Fleer Tradition

Card: #54 Brevin Knight

“ nice ” -hphillips

“ I like this set...It's retro themed but is an original design. Old school brown cardboard. This was Fleer's flagship that year. A 300 card set, I came up one card short from my box back when the set was new. I didn't get it until I joined the Database years later and got it through the old Amazon partnership. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ A nice throwback look, but not my cup of tee for the modern NBA. ” -muskie027

“ Love the retro look with the action overlay fitting nicely in grayscale on the bold base. This definitely draws me to collect. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Really dislike the "fake" signature. ” -carthage44

“ Brilliant card the positioning of brevins two actions on the cards almost makes it look like a work of art. The signiture almost intwines both possers into one. Well done whoever coriographed such elegance. ” -Vincedesimone

“ I really liked this card design design in Tradition Baseball, and it looks great with basketball too. ” -olerud363

“ I liked the look of this set for baseball, looks good for basketball as well. ” -CluelessJoe

“ don't collect basketball, but i've always enjoyed the foootball version of this set, not really sure what going on with his eyes though? ” -Thunderfoot

“ Nice info on the back--lots of stats. ” -cjjt

“ First off, I still need this card for my Cavs collection. The thicker stock was an interesting change of pace, but the inconsistent color background for the individual players instead of one consistent color per team is a drawback for me. And please, no watermark logos on the backs--that's one of the reasons I needed glasses was because I can't read the backs of my cards. ” -p_dawg68

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