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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Set: 1997-98 Pinnacle Inside - Inside Track

Card: #6 Martin Brodeur

“ Spent all but 7 games in his 1,266 career games with the Devils. Pretty amazing in this day in age! ” -carthage44

“ Goalies always look short and fat to me, and it's surprising sometimes when I see a photo of a goalie without all of his gear, how physically athletic they really are. I know it shouldn't be surprising, but my brain just can't help it sometimes ” -Brimose

“ That's a nice card!!! ” -CollectingAfterDeath

“ Nice insert...no missing the fact that it's a Pinnacle card, it just has that "look". Exceptionally great scan for what appears to be a mirror foil card. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ No major complaints here. The design reminds me a little of the James Bond looking through the gun barrel opening mixed with some kind of camera lens look. I like the look of this insert set better than the base cards from this set. ” -captkirk42

“ Holy goalies! I like the front, and the back is decent for an insert. ” -dilemma19

“ The cards that came in cans!! I think I had all the cans at one point. They may still be in my parent's attic. ” -DanD

“ Brodeur as ROTCD on the same day Lundvist is the feature. Is there a goalie or hockey streak coming? I am very meh on this card. ” -muskie027

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