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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Set: 1995-96 Topps

Card: #1 Michael Jordan

“ Don't believe there will ever be another basketball player as great as MJ. The man was an artist and a thrill to see play live. ” -hphillips

“ Nice one. Great player and looks like he's hanging there. Some rock climbing action. If I'd collect basketball, Bulls would be the team. ” -Duke

“ For some very odd reason, I like the front of this card. However I can't stand the back. ” -jupiterhill

“ Not too often we have a card #1 as card of the day, even rarer when it's one that resides in my collection. Also a rare photo angle to see on a card. Not a bed subset, another rarity-active leaders instead of last season's leaders (their subset came immediately after this one) ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Cool a Michael Jordan clock card. Looks to be almost 5 o'clock? OH just a new take on the old leader cards for the first 10 cards or so. ” -captkirk42

“ THE WORST IDEA in trading card history - the overhead view! I've yet to see a card that appeals to me with from this perspective. (Some are in my Want List, but that's because of the player not the design.) ” -Sportzcommish

“ Would be a much better action photo if it didn't have it superimposed on the graphic. The over rim photos are cool but only when they are unedited. GOAT is not overused with MJ, although I didn't fully appreciate him until after he retired since I was a Celtics fan and didn't like the Bulls growing up. ” -Brimose

“ Cool...a card #1 of a set...and a Michael Jordan to boot! What's not to like! Okay, maybe the card itself, but I still like it! ” -bkklaos

“ It's not even close. For active scorers, Jordan is more than 6 points more per game in his career, at the point this card was printed, than 2nd place Karl Malone. Jordan is the best player of all-time, PERIOD! ” -carthage44

“ Love the photography on this one. Amazing shot. Also, I like how the star of the league is card #1, even if it is some type of league leaders card ” -jasongerman9

“ Cool shot, and the background design frames Jordan nicely. ” -Shadowmangmr

“ The framing on this picture is excellent. A fitting image for Air Jordan ” -ketchupman36

“ Jordan is a Legend. Are the corners dinged up or is there an issue with the scan? Might be fixed by the time this is card of the day anyway. Some of the back is kind of hard to read but I think it might be the scan. I recall liking this card more in person. ” -Mitch

“ Is this a screenshot from Space Jam ? ” -uncaian

“ I remember this.....unfortunately. ” -NJDevils

“ Nice to see a legend on a card, albeit, not much of him. I like the scoring leader card in sets, but the picture on this one is rough, even if it is of MJ. As a scoring leader card and not the actual base player card, I like the design and the business, I think that works for special segments of cards in sets, but this card could have been better if the picture was on a slightly better angle. ” -muskie027

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