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Monday, May 2, 2016

Set: 1990 Topps

Card: #515 Len Dykstra

“ My all time favorite baseball set. Seriously, I love this design. A friend just sent me a box full of them, which I have not yet added to my collection here on the Database. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I actually like these cards. The color scheme works for me, along with the fact, the card presents basic easy to read information. Kind of a shame how his life has gone, after his playing days ended. ” -engine614

“ Being a Mets fan, "Nails" was one of my favorites. A real sparkplug that energized the team. Rumor is he was a little too wild for the Mets, so they traded him. As for the card design, tops my list of ugliest designs. ” -C2Cigars

“ Despite all his natural athletic ability, Nails got an edge any way he could. One of a few about whom teammates would say "wouldn't want to play against him, but can't stand him as a teammate either". ” -dilemma19

“ Largely despised upon release, it has risen in favor in many collector's eyes. Not these. Almost looks like this could have been the follow-up to 1972 or 1975. Dykstra was a great player. Loved him with the Phils. A shame what's become of him post-baseball. ” -vrooomed

“ This is the first set of baseball cards I ever collected on my own. ” -wax_house

“ These cards smell the best. ” -carthage44

“ I have always liked this set. Many people have not. I can sort of understand since the bright color designs appeared to be totally random and didn't match up with the team colors. Hmmm I seem to recall a really popular now vintage set from the mid 1970s that was similar; random bright color designs that didn't match the team colors. Can you say Nine-Teen-Seventy-Five? Yeah I KNEW you could. ” -captkirk42

“ Back when cards were made out of cardboard....and we liked it. It's Topps, it's baseball, it's all good with me. ” -Kaline6

“ I really liked this set as a kid. Very colorful with a decent design. Set seems prone to poor aging due to the materials used. A lot of warping and cards sticking together. Luckily I've got thousands so I can stand to get rid of the damaged ones here and there. ” -Mitch

“ LOVE IT!!!!!! Another trip down memory lane............ ” -RoyalChief

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