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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Set: 1990 Topps Big

Card: #44 Marty Barrett

“ I love the Topps Big sets. Same size as the 1955 and 1956 cards. All three years look really good. ” -switzr1

“ One of my most hated sets. The look of the cards is great, would like a position on the front and maybe some more stats on the back but minor problems. Might drop the front and back from 10s to 9.5s, if it weren't for the major issue with this awful set that they are so huge. They don't fit anywhere, I just have mine lined up in a drawer, along with other sets that are too large or way too small. The other big problem is everyone has this issue so if you get these from people, most of the time they are damaged in some way. I apologize for the essay, thanks for your times. ” -davidhandberry

“ Bigger IS better! There's something nostalgic about these - I'm including the series that Topps also produced in '88 and '89 (and extended into Bowman '89) - that draws me to them. If I was a set collector I'd target one of these. ” -Sportzcommish

“ Love the cartoon on the back. Other than that, this is a cartoon of a card. ” -parsley24

“ I'm not a fan of the size of the Topps Big sets. Some of them are nice designs. I think because they were specifically designed for kids. This one screams 1990s or 1980 neon colors. I like they have a cartoon on the back. I'm not a fan of lots of colors on the back . ” -captkirk42

“ I didn't know about Topps Big until this card came up. Pretty solid history here: https://www.sportscollectorsdigest.com/topps-big-baseball-earliest-premium-sets/ ” -vanstryland

“ Uggh. What a terrible set. Horrible, thin paper--easy to bend. ” -cjjt


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