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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Set: 2008 Topps Cleveland Browns

Card: #11 Martin Rucker

“ I really like when football players get a picture without their helmet. I feel like most football players are basically anonymous because they are always in helmets. ” -davidhandberry

“ It may not seem like it, but this card proves one thing we all questioned... The Browns do practice. ” -Sonofearl

“ AH 2008 Topps. The "Circus" Design. Back is pretty much Standard Topps from sometime since early 2000s, Front as this is a team set the colors are dependent the team colors as to how well they contrast with the printing. In this case not that well at least from a scanning point. I thought it a Chrome version at first. I keep forgetting which years Topps did special team sets, and they have pretty much done them every year for several years in recent decades. ” -captkirk42

“ I have a couple from the Cowboys version of this set. I am a huge fan of team releases. ” -Tylergallo

“ this card is in a subset, the base set used a white border ” -Thunderfoot

“ This is a Topps set that I don't think I've ever seen before. ” -switzr1

“ I think I'm one of the handful of people on the globe who doesn't hate the '08 Topps design. At least it seems that way from reading blogs, etc. ” -mkaz80

“ There are only certain teams i think this card looks good for, the seahawks and the pats. THis doesnt work for the browns. ” -parsley24


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