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Random Card of the Day

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Set: 2008 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects - Gold

Card: #BDP23 Eric Hurley

“ I like the look of the front of Bowman cards and then it dies because I know this is one of probably a dozen parallels. Knowing that most of the "prospects" aren't going to amount to anything. Also I know when I turn it over it's going to be a hideous Bowman back. Please Topps take Bowman and try something new. I used to love the Bowman sets in the the early 90's. ” -davidhandberry

“ I am not a fan of these bowman cards. i know i like simple designs, but bruh.... ” -parsley24

“ His name is Hurley and he hurls fastballs. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ OK we just had a Bowman card as the Random Card of the Day.This one is marked with the Rookie Card logo indicating a Rookie. Front is OK I guess the design is kind to the image with the ball still in frame at the top pretty cool action shot. team logo would be nice but whatevers. Personally I think the player's name should be a little bigger than the team name but again whatevers. back is nice and in this case only one year of stats are OK for a rookie, however adding minor league stats would be nice as well. ” -captkirk42

“ I have no idea who this is. I guess Hurley wasn't a very effective hurler. ” -beansballcardblog

“ Blah! ” -Coccia

“ Dear Topps , please stop making these types of cards where we pay good $$ for low quality, easily chipped colors/borders especially after that 2007 remake of 1971. I just want mint cards!!! ” -baseballcardstoreca


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