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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Set: 2004 Upper Deck USA 25th Anniversary - Signatures Black Ink

Card: #WEEK Rickie Weeks

“ Using letters to number a card is...weak. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ This is one of the laziest sets I have ever seen. The front is nice if they had done anything with the back it would have been a solid card. The front I would give an 8. The only issue I have with the front is I prefer on card autographs. The back ruins it when the use the exact same photo, the exact same layout they just changed what was in the two bottom boxes. It was an 8 for the front, a 0 for the back, overall I would say 3 and that is being generous. ” -davidhandberry

“ Great looking design with the flag in the background. The placement of the sticker is well done. I saw Weeks play many games at Miller Park. A big guy for a second basemen. He was playing at 220 pounds during his last few seasons. ” -weight333

“ UGH. Not a good design for any kind of card. Sorry Upper Deck. Front and back exact same? Looks too generic. ” -captkirk42

“ Nice card. Love autos. ” -Kirbythedodger

“ I think I remember Weeks...Was he ever a Brewer? This may be the laziest card back ever! Numbering in this set is based on player surname. I wonder if they made a conscious decision to number this card "WEEK", rather than "WEE"? ” -dilemma19

“ Bad pun alert - This Weeks card is weak. A sticker auto with the same photo front and back (same size even!) Even the card number is WEEK. Weak. ” -vrooomed

“ Points off for having the same photo on the front as the back. ” -kirkscards

“ What a horrible numbering ("numbering") scheme. The card itself is a bit boring on the scan, but I admit it might look awesome in real life. ” -kents_stuff


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