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Monday, August 19, 2019

Set: 2017-18 Panini Crown Royale - Roundball Royalty

Card: #RR-35 Wilt Chamberlain

“ Bottom die cuts are challenging to work with for me. The way I hold cards, they tend to slide out of my hand. I never got to see Wilt play, unfortunately, because he was surely one of the best ever. He is one of the few pre-1979 players Panini includes in legends sets. One of my scanners put these pink lines on holofoil. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ This set probably looks great in hand but it looks really bad on scan. Not saying the scan is bad, saying that scanning these types of cards to make them look good is almost impossible. They look too colorful and that's coming from someone who likes all the brightly colored sets from the 80's and 90's. I do like how the back and front have the same shape and I do think in hand this would be a great looking insert card. ” -davidhandberry

“ In some ways, I find the massive amount of cards for retired players, whether Hall of Fame or not, to be excessive. In other ways, I can continue to get cards for former Buckeyes such as Cris Carter, Eddie George, Frank Howard, John Havlicek, and dozens of others to add to my PC. I guess I just wish that there would be at least one or two sets that went deeper into the current rosters like we had back in the day where you could get offensive guards, fifth starting pitchers, and third string power forwards in the sets. ” -Brimose

“ Front too shiny glittery chrome going on. I think there is some text on the front other than the "Spalding" on the ball, but can't for the life of me read any of it. Back is OK. This looks like a die cut card but hard to tell, Front looks like a die-cut back not so much. ” -captkirk42

“ I'm sure this card is exponentially more stunning in hand, but it looks pretty damn awesome in scan, too! ” -mkaz80

“ Nice card ” -SmasherK

“ Icon of "Wilt The Stilt" still hard to believe he once scored 100pts in a single game. ” -RollTide72076

“ Cool die-cut! Fantastic! ” -CollectingAfterDeath

“ The MAN! ” -NJDevils

“ Not sure why, but I am not like something about the look on this. I feel like I should like it, but something is just leaving me wanting. ” -muskie027


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