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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Set: 2019 Donruss

Card: #124 Eugenio Suarez

“ I have not been a fan of Donruss since Panini took over. Very uninspired sets every year. I forgive the covering up the logos because I know that was a stupid decision by the MLB but the overall lack of quality is on Panini. ” -davidhandberry

“ This will have been a nice card if it was licensed by Major League Baseball. I am not a big fan of logo less uniforms. They remind me of Topps Football cards, before they received permission to use them in 1982. Logos make the pictures on cards better. ” -Brendan Barrick

“ It's got a neat design. I like triangles ” -cardhungry

“ They are kind of plain. Though credit to them for creating a set without a MLB licensing agreement. ” -kirkscards

“ Kind of like this Panini Donruss design. I don't always like them. I do wish that there wasn't the exclusive license that Topps has. I like seeing logos and team names. ” -captkirk42

“ One of my favorite products last year. Very fun product to open at a reasonable price (something extremely lacking these days). Most will have issue with the lack of MLB logos but once you free your mind of that, have had enough of the Topps stagnant lack of licensed competition leading to lazy endless rehashes, and look at Donruss as a set simply to collect for joy its friggin’ awesome. Long live Panini. To heck with Topps. ” -BrewerAndy

“ really like the 19 donruss design, I don't collect baseball but its awesome in football ” -Thunderfoot

“ I wish all companies had licenses. Donruss would be cool to collect in baseball except for the non-licensed photos. They should go back to the classic Donruss backs on these. ” -muskie027


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