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Monday, September 24, 2018

Set: 1998 Finest

Card: #234 Al Martin

“ These are such nice looking cards, it's a shame so many are out there with the "protective film" left on them. ” -Smokin_joe

“ The protective makes it difficult to make out backgroung. The crossed bats remind me of variuos miltary sets with crossed swords underneath the name. A pretty decent card. ” -John Kerry

“ Al Martin, Braves prospect, remember getting a minor league card of him when he was in AA and thinking he looked like Frank Thomas. He was in the majors for over a decade but was never as good as I thought he would be based on first impressions. As for Topps Finest I always hated the weird protective thing that you were supposed to take off but most people with common sense left on. Besides that it is a good looking card. ” -davidhandberry

“ To this day I hate those protective coatings you are suppose to peel off! ” -YoRicha

“ Not bad looking. I am not sure the peel and remove film was really worth it? I have a couple of cards with this on and i am not removing it. Does that add more value to it? ” -parsley24

“ Is this another one of them new-fangled shiny cards, that if you peel off the plastic you can use as a shaving mirror? The back design looks very familiar to me, though I'm fairly certain I don't own any of this set. Al Martin was a respectable player on some awful Pirates teams. ” -dilemma19

“ Topps Finest disappoints me. Even in hand the foil styling is difficult to appreciate and view clearly. (With or without the protective plastic it doesn't really matter either way) ” -captkirk42

“ Love the crossed bats on the front. Nice action shot too. Excellent card, imo. ” -CollectingAfterDeath

“ I like the back design, despite the limited stats. And I like the basic front design, but would prefer the raw photo over giving the background the Monet treatment. ” -kents_stuff

“ Should this be called Topps Finest? A very nice looking card. The back is cool too. ” -muskie027


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