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Random Card of the Day

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Set: 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen - Mini

Card: #100 Bryce Harper

“ I like the mini cards, even if they do make it difficult to stack a set...or even a random handful of new additions! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Still haven't fallen in love with Gypsy Queen since I returned to the hobby. ” -muskie027

“ I love the tobacco sized cards. I have one binder with nothing but them in it, from all different kinds of sets. If I had this one it would be in that binder. ” -Gunny

“ Yawn. Sorry I'm just tired of minis now. Even if it is of a player from my Homie Team, and who at the time was a fave of mine. Love the throwback uni, although the big thing about throwback unis that bother me (other than the obligated Nike swoosh logo) is the modern cleats clashing with the rest of the uniform look. Even the batting helmets at time look odd with the older unis but not as much as the modern shoosh shoes in bright colors against the white or black socks with sewn on stirrups. Harper wears real stirrups when he isn't wearing his pants leg covering the top of his custom cleats of the game. ” -captkirk42

“ Me - "I prefer A&G, don't want any GQ." Also me, when I see some GQ at Target - "... better get a couple blasters... for science." ” -jackal726

“ good looking card for a set i dont like ” -parsley24


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#843 Randal Hill (Back)
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