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Monday, April 6, 2020

Set: 2013-14 Upper Deck

Card: #75 James Neal

“ That's a unique perspective! I guess you could say it's the Real Deal. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Now this is a hockey card. ” -Corky

“ Love this action shot ! Great looking card. ” -uncaian

“ That is one awesome action shot on the front of this card. I'd collect this card just for that reason alone. ” -CollectingAfterDeath

“ I like the picture on the front, and the back is good too. Also, there is two different pictures on the card. ” -Brendan Barrick

“ Looks like some wild action there. ” -captkirk42

“ Great action shot. I feel like the front is lacking a logo. ” -vanstryland

“ The unique photography notwithstanding, it look as if Neal is being sucked into a vortex, despite his cries of anguish . . . Beyond that, the back is a standard Upper Deck look . . . clean and nice, but nothing outstanding . . . ” -georgecf

“ This is a great photo. All around great card. ” -parsley24

“ Love the design for this set, very nice looking cards. Also has some big name young guns. ” -jfalvo316

“ Pretty basic card, but the photography is absolutely amazing. ” -crushnmove

“ Nice action! ” -jackal726

“ Quite the facial hair difference between the front and back images. ” -Mscott713

“ Upper Deck does a great job with hockey. High quality gloss photos with great card stock, nice backs and career stats. I am somewhat glad they don't do all the other sports or I would be bucking up a lot more to collect the sets. ” -muskie027

“ Wow, that photographer really put himself in harm's way! ” -bpaul14


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