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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Set: 1999 Score - Complete Players

Card: #26 Curtis Martin

“ Unless I am missing it somewhere a logo and position on the front would be nice. The back I like, I wish the picture would have him without a helmet. I always like when football cards give a face to players. ” -davidhandberry

“ This is a decent looking card. While C-Mart was a fabulous running back, I'm not sure he's a "complete player" compared to someone who played both sides of the ball like Neon Deion or Roy Green or countless from the earlier decades of the game. But that's semantics. ” -kents_stuff

“ I kind of like this despite the foil background. UGH the checklist has NO REDSKINS OR RAMS. There are a couple of players that are sort of PC players and one guy with the Name Anderson I need to hunt down. Not sure what they mean by "Complete Player" maybe there is more bio info than the base cards? Maybe they are from playoff teams and lead scorers from the previous season? ” -captkirk42

“ He was a complete player. Kind of boring, but insert sets get a reprieve, so I think it is cool. I am assuming it is an insert. ” -muskie027

“ Complete players, but incomplete cards. ” -parsley24

“ I might like it if I could see it. Must be a foil surface that doesn't scan well. ” -switzr1


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Oh, so close...

1990 Pro Set

99.9% of images added

If you have any of these cards, scan them and send them in!

Here's what's missing:

#739b Tom Hodson (Back)
UER: Missing Bio On Back

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