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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Set: 2018 Panini Elite Extra Edition

Card: #84 Cal Raleigh

“ Sounds like a name in The Show where you're in year 2030 of franchise and all the actual MLB players have retired ” -Tylergallo

“ Design is ok. My biggest issues are that you can't really tell what team he is playing on in the card and the generic Seattle instead of Seattle Marines and maybe a logo. I get that these are probably licensing issues and it is my hatred of Topps that gets me missing the old days of multiple sports having the rights to make cards with logos and team names. ” -davidhandberry

“ Is Cal Raleigh the school he went to or his name? ” -UKboogie

“ Who designed this? The guys from the crown molding department at Home Depot? ” -altaeria

“ Beautiful and avant-garde design. The angular stripes on the back remind me a lot of the Skybox Basketball cards of the early '90s. Panini has modernized the trading card design in a way I have never imagined. ” -playmakersradio

“ Hmm I'll try to stay positive. Nice Minor league card. has serial number I see OOOH # 097/999 Nice. Oh drat its baseball non-Topps so no logos or team names, even though he is in a minors uniform and hasn't hit the mother team yet. Some will be disappointed with the duplication of the photo. ” -captkirk42

“ I'm a big fan of EEE. Solid looking cards, the players sometimes have actual uniforms (not airbrushed out) and it's a good way to get cards of prospects. Plus, a box break has good value with all short printed cards and a lot of hits. ” -ketchupman36

“ I like how the lower right just lists 3 places. ” -royals


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