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Random Card of the Day

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Set: 1994 Select

Card: #251 Luis Polonia

“ I had no idea Select was an actual brand until I joined the Database. I was only aware of it a single, standalone NASCAR release for the 1995 season, which is one of my favorite sets. When I joined here I saw it existed in other sports, and in just a few months time it would debut in the NBA, now under control of Panini, but it's all Chrome now. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I haven't remembered this name in ages. Select had some cool sets. I like this. It's different. ” -muskie027

“ Very nice card. The only issues with the front are the first name being off to the side, gets a bit lost, the position text is a bit small and no team name or logo. The back text is a bit small in the paragraph but besides that it is great. ” -davidhandberry

“ Doesn't the Random Card Generator machine have a filter to prevent showing cards of people convicted of really bad things? ” -bpaul14

“ Nice! 3 different pictures! I like it. ” -cjjt

“ Not a fan of the filtered picture on the left of the card, but it makes up for it by using a different picture on the back than those on the front. ” -Blargh

“ This would be awesome if they just stuck to one image on the front. The brand logo looks nice. Not sure what they thought the smaller image was going to add and why is the grass blue in it? ” -chvlDm


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#843 Randal Hill (Back)
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