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Random Card of the Day

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Set: 2004 US Women's National Team Soccer Gold Medal Set

Card: #16 Abby Wambach

“ It may just be me...but doesn't the ball look photo shopped in? It is right in front of her, she is looking nowhere near it, and it seems disproportionate in size. The look on her face is one of celebration, like she is running toward a teammate to celebrate. Even the lighting on the ball seems off compared to the rest of the card. ” -rmpaq5

“ I don't really follow soccer, but even I know who this is. However, I didn't realize her career lasted as long as it did. That's impressive. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Nice looking card, but I can't buy into the supposed "randomness" of a women's soccer card being featured during the Women's World Cup. ” -bevans

“ Coincidence? Probably. But nice to see a card of the greatest US Soccer team! Abby Wambach deserves way more praise & celebration & money than she has gotten. USA! USA!! USA!!! ” -cjjt

“ ABBY! Nice Woman's soccer card. ” -captkirk42

“ The Women's World Cup just began... coincidence? ” -AirPete

“ With the Women's World Cup going on right now, this doesn't feel random. ” -deporcoruña

“ I like this card. As usual, it loses points for same picture front and back, but overall it is solid and to be honest, I wouldn't mind seeing a few more main stream cards for women's soccer and basketball. I know sets exist, but they are not easy to get. ” -muskie027


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