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Friday, July 3, 2020

Set: 2015 Panini Prizm - Fireworks

Card: #2 Jose Bautista

“ Excellent use of air brushing! Love the absence of logos! They should just use pictures of them in white T-shirts. Why does anyone collect these products? ” -UKboogie

“ ACK! Prizm RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! ” -captkirk42

“ Love the Donruss/Panini cards, just wish that MLB would give them a license.....not until at least 2025 though :( would have been a cooler card with the player in color and fireworks in BW on front and reverse on back! ” -Gator415

“ Poor Joey Bats, lost his desire for baseball after that stiff punch to the face. Never was the same after Odor made him think twice about trying to throw hands with him. BTW, these Fireworks cards are beautiful. I wish Panini would get licence to print logos. I do believe that's what's holding them back from taking over Topps as the leader in baseball cards. ” -CardFlipper1974

“ Fireworks in the backround is certainly a interesting design idea. Jose Bautista, one the the greatest blue jays players certainly would make some fireworks go of. ” -dollar guy

“ Prizm's are cool, but I hate the unlicensed look. ” -muskie027


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