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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Set: 2017 Bowman Chrome

Card: #82 Carlos Correa

“ Not to sound like a broken record but I prefer the regular Bowman to Bowman Chrome. Overall this is a nice design. The chromeness of the card makes it look a bit dark. Back is OK one year of stats *sigh* ” -captkirk42

“ What's not to like? You have a future HOF player in Correa on what I consider the "Flagship" Rookie card producer in Bowman. Also, this set was loaded with Rookies! Let's not forget about some guy named Judge. ” -The House Of Cards

“ Ahh....a Topps Bowman card. If my kid ever makes the big leagues, I'm going to have him change his name for a year to "Donruss Panini" just in hopes he gets in the Bowman Chrome set. Nice looking card, although in person the chromes sometimes look a bit different. ” -kents_stuff

“ Not a fan of Bowman and this card is no different. ” -davidhandberry

“ Ok I have said many times...Bowman Sucks. Not for card front design, I like this, but the 3764867 parallels per set, each years sets incredibly difficult to distinguish from each other, and a bunch of photoshopped prospects that one will never hear of again....etc... ” -rmpaq5

“ I like the look of the Bowman cards, I hate how they do there sets. The 100 cards base set with 1,148 subsets each with 100 cards (or more) is annoying. ” -muskie027

“ nice looking design, football woulda looked god on this ” -Thunderfoot


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