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Monday, October 22, 2018

Set: 2007-08 Fleer

Card: #128 Kevin Garnett

“ I miss KG. He was the last player to retire that was active when I discovered the game- he was a rookie then. Glad he finally got a ring, with the Celtics. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ The black background seems to make Mr. Garnett a tad more menacing than might be the case otherwise. Fairly basic border and back, but that is not a criticism. I actually like this card. Coming from someone whose interest in basketball is minimal (at best) that is probably praise. ” -John Kerry

“ I like this card. It looks like an early 90's feel not a late 00's. Very simple but checks all the bases for me except how do you cut off an elbow in a posed photo? Besides that minor infraction it would be a perfect card. ” -davidhandberry

“ As much as I love this version of the Celtics, the KG-era of Boston basketball will always be front and center in this fan's heart. I was too young to truly appreciate the original Big Three era of Bird, Chief and McHale, so KG, Pierce, Ray and Rondo were my guys. Love this card, by the way. A vintage Fleer look and feel to this one. Go Celtics! ” -mkaz80

“ Cool looking Basketball card. Ah Fleer Cool. Might have to actively look for some of these. At least the Wizards from them. ” -captkirk42

“ Hmm, I wasn’t collecting at this point, but I really like the look of this card. Also, it is always nice to see a stud star on the RCOTD. I’d love to go back and get some of this set. ” -muskie027

“ Nice pose, nice card. Good job updating team picture, you don't see that much in the 2005-2006 baseball sets. I like the logo in the bottom right. If more cards had that, I'd be sold. But if only it were baseball... ” -Kirbythedodger

“ Is it just me, or does this make KG look really skinny? Geez man, go eat a sandwich!! ” -FiresNBeers


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