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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Set: 1992 Topps Kids

Card: #103 Bo Jackson

“ I always liked these sets. I was 11 when this came out and the nostalgia sets in. I know it's a kid's set but it's something unique. ” -davidhandberry

“ Baseball = Fun ” -jayoneill

“ BO KNOWS! Cool kids set inspired by Bazooka gum and 1970s cartoons. ” -captkirk42

“ Bo knows cards. For what it is, a card for kids, this card is fantastic! The front could be improved upon (photo is too tight and a team logo is always nice), but I absolutely love the back - a cartoon fact about the player and a Fun Box to teach kids about the sport. It has a Sunday funnies / comic book appeal. ” -AirPete

“ Interesting that the team name is ignored. I guess that works when you have name recognition like Bo Jackson. Bo knows! ” -vanstryland

“ Funky little card for kids. ” -parsley24

“ Bo knows....background cartoons? ” -Joshua825

“ NICE!! ” -RoyalChief

“ Love the design, but can't stand seeing him in the White Sox jersey. ” -royals

“ Since it as for the kids, why not?!?!?! ” -muskie027


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