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Friday, April 19, 2019

Set: 1988 Score - Glossy

Card: #363 Chris Brown

“ That's a very subtle difference between those greens. Green is my favorite color, yellow my current second favorite, so I like the design for sure. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Watch out Rihanna. Sorry, wrong Chris Brown. Bad joke aside. I like this set, always thought the colors should link up to the team somehow but I like when companies try something new. I have not seen the glossy version of these in hand but I know I want them someday. ” -davidhandberry

“ Costco. All my memories are of Costco with this set. ” -parsley24

“ Tragically, I don't think I own a single "Glossy" Score card. I'm thinking they were released as a special factory set. And I can't recall ever stumbling upon one in a dime box over the years. As for the aesthetics of the '88 set, I'm probably in the minority because I prefer the likes of '89 and '91 Score to this. ” -mkaz80

“ 1988 Score is a score in my book. It embraces the late 1980s and looks a bit like an homage to the 1970s with some of it's colors. The back is one of the first backs that I didn't really like much with the color head shot, at least it isn't the same photo from the front. Love the full stats. Might have been nice to have team name on the front especially for a photo like this where the team logo on the batting helmet is hard to see. Is he a Padre? Yes, but could be a Giant. OH wow he was both LOL. ” -captkirk42

“ I've always liked this set. Clean on the front, detailed on the back, good action photos. Not sure where it would land in my all time favorites, but I'd probably put it as my second favorite from the 1980s after only 1987 Topps. ” -Brimose

“ I really like this design. Other than the card number being too small. ” -kirkscards


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