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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Set: 1993 Pinnacle

Card: #137 Reggie White

“ This is what every football card should be. Action shot on front. Headshot on the back. ” -davidhandberry

“ Almost the same design as the Pinnacle hockey card that was up a few days ago. Like the design but, this card hits the one note that drives me nuts. Team name is Green Bay Packers and the player is shown in an Eagles get up. This is my big no-no for any cards. ” -Gunny

“ Didn't we.. Oh that was Hockey about 5 or 6 days ago. Same applies here. Nice cards in general but still get confused about it being a 92 or 93 card. This back looks better than the other one did. I guess because the head shot is center not on the left or right, and not a partial body shot. White was one heck of a player, had a great career and died way too soon. ” -captkirk42

“ Another example of "Players wearing a jersey that is the same color as their name." See also, Vida Blue (on the Royals), Red Schoendienst (on the Cardinals), and Jim Brown (obviously). ” -royals

“ The Minister of Defense. How I loved him with the Eagles. Was THRILLED for him when he won the SB in GB. Gone way too soon. ” -vrooomed

“ Another '93 Pinnacle card. It's football this time and a player I collect. Of course I like this card, but surprisingly, I do not own it yet. In 1993, I was mostly buying MLB cards. Most of the 1993 NFL cards I bought were UD and Topps. ” -spazmatastic


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