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Monday, April 22, 2019

Set: 2001-02 SP Authentic

Card: #54 Mark Messier

“ The font on the name is whack. ” -parsley24

“ This is a very, very rare moment. This is a hockey player I actually have heard of. I'm sorry to all the hockey fans here but I never have gotten into the sport. Probably because I have lived my entire life in places it regularly gets into 90s and we feel like cold weather is anything below 60. As for the card, way to cluttered front. If you know hockey it might make sense but i don't know what the cde means next to him. The back is better but still too many fonts and sections. ” -davidhandberry

“ Not a bad looking card of one the best team leaders ever. ” -uncaian

“ MOOSE!! Not bad looking but too much white on the front, looks as though the picture could have been bigger. Back is your typical UD product. Solid B. ” -ranfordfan

“ Hmmm. Feels like something is missing on the front of this card. Maybe to much blank space at the top and bottom. I dunno. ” -CollectingAfterDeath

“ This would be a nice looking card if the sideways lettering was at the top and/or bottom not left side sideways. Back typical for a modern card. Many will like that the photo used is not a repeat of the front. ” -captkirk42

“ No comment... #Devils ” -Tylergallo

“ Definitely a rather decent hockey card, except for that wasted space on the front. Any team logos or other logos would have helped. At least a different photo is on the back! ” -danderson2036C

“ Seems like a lot of blank space. ” -switzr1


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