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Friday, October 19, 2018

Set: 2001 Topps Heritage

Card: #80 Charlie Garner

“ This card shows the problem with football. Once the helmet is you can't tell what the person looks like. Other than that not a bad card. Very nice action shot. Card hearkens back to a simpler time for football cards. Not a football fan but I wouldn't object to having this card. ” -John Kerry

“ I don't know enough about football to know what this is throwing back to- just a guess, late 50s- (yes I know I could look it up without leaving this website) but I like it. I pretty much like all throwback sets. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I know it is supposed to look like old football cards but it just comes across very blah to me. ” -davidhandberry

“ Nice Heritage card. I have always loved this design 1956? Just searched and Yep the '56 design. This is a fun card for team collectors. I know for the database purposes it is a Raiders card, and some Raiders collectors would agree, but some collectors go by the uniform only and see it was a 49ers card. The problem with going by uniform is sometimes it is difficult to determine the team if you are not familiar with the player. ” -captkirk42

“ i love this look on this set. Fantastic use of the heritage set. ” -parsley24

“ I hate hate HATE cards that show a guy wearing a jersey different than that of the team name and logo depicted on the card. Drives my OCD into overdrive. (P.S. the note along the right edge of the card does very little to help the situation) ” -mkaz80

“ i always liked the heritage sets, i think part of it was the thicker non glossy stock ” -Thunderfoot

“ It's ok. Might look better if he was wearing a Raider uniform or if there was a 49er logo and a "signed with Oakland" stripe. This just looks confusing. ” -muskie027


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