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Friday, December 14, 2018

Set: 2017 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions - Wonders of the Universe

Card: #U-1 Orion Arm

“ I love it! We need more cards like this. I need more cards like this in my collection! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Another one of those cards that proves that they will make a card for ANYTHING. I am shocked mostly because this is an Upper Deck card. I guess when you have no sports licenses left then you have to start being creative. ” -davidhandberry

“ Sorry, folks. I'm gonna pass. ” -kents_stuff

“ Nice Non-Sport card. When I first saw the green blob thing that turns out to be some sort of satellite, I thought it was The Hulk hefting a huge weight bar. Yes I do not know much about this insert set. ” -captkirk42

“ Is this a lenticular card? If not, that is some crummy art. I would not be happy pulling this from Goodwin Champions. ” -royals

“ huh? ” -Thunderfoot

“ this is light years over most of our heads. ” -parsley24

“ Nice one Upper Deck. Instead of pushing to try to restore your MLB licence, you're producing cards of galactic formations. ” -dilemma19

“ I think the player is missing from the front. UER? ” -NJDevils

“ Can't really tell what's going on due to the blurry artwork. I feel like if the art was made a bit clearer, this would be a better card ” -henryb123

“ Nice card ” -kirkscards

“ I think I like it. Kind of looks like the Death Star in the back though. ” -muskie027


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