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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Set: 2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition

Card: #90 Sam Keller

“ Other than the same photo on the back, I like it. ” -muskie027

“ I was wondering what number Sam Keller was drafted. Turns out he went undrafted and that is why they should have waited till after the draft, that would have made a better set to show them with their new teams. Instead you have a set called draft with undrafted players and a boring set either way. The front I would give a 6 and the back a 3 for having a duplicate photo and being nothing special. ” -davidhandberry

“ Sam Keller was about to make the pass of his young career... That is until the pesky 2008 Rookie Card monster had a craving for pig skins. ” -YoRicha

“ Been quite a stretch of football cards lately. Wonder what the record is for the same sport days in a row... ” -rmpaq5

“ Nice looking card, thought it was a recent Panini Score card from the white borders with colored tabs. I think I am on the record of not really liking college draft cards since you don't know where the players ended up. Most of them probably did make the big leagues but these cards were made for the draft they were being drafted in, so they are pre-pro career cards. I think this is the second day in a row where the random card was a college card of a maybe soon to be pro. OK so Sam didn't get very far in 2008 he was on the practice squad for the Raiders, then he moved to the AFL (Arena Football League) for the 2008 season. Oh wait he was an Undrafted Free Agent for the Los Angeles Avengers. He was also involved in a lawsuit against AE Games for likenesses of College Athletes which looks like the players lost. ” -captkirk42


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