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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Set: 2014 Edibas WWE Lamincards

Card: #83 Bray Wyatt

“ Is this a gaming card? 30 on front, 83 on back? And I stopped following wrestling over 10 years ago, why Sister Abigail on front but Bray Wyatt on back? Which is it????? ” -rmpaq5

“ The picture is awesome. ” -muskie027

“ It looks like a game card, can't really tell since I don't speak Spanish. I am confused why it is Sister Abigail on the front and Bray Wyatt on the back but I don't follow wrestling so maybe to a Hispanic wrestling fan this card makes sense. Love the color scheme on the back, wish they had written some stats or bio or something on there though. ” -davidhandberry

“ I do not understand this card at all. I guess I get how it is #83. But why Bray Wyatt instead of Sister Abigail or Mossa Vincente? ” -kents_stuff

“ ZZ Top? ” -NJDevils

“ Since Sister Abigail is/was Wyatt's finishing move I presume this is for some sort of card game. ” -John Kerry

“ Proof that this really is a random generator for cards. This guys own mother wouldn't even pick this card to be featured anywhere! ” -WallyCub

“ Almost missed today for some odd reason. Odd even for a Wrastlin' card. Odd set looks like cards 1-80 are acetate cards. ” -captkirk42


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