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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Set: 1984 TCMA Syracuse Chiefs

Card: #16 Mike Proly

“ Mike proly didn't make the majors ” -ketchupman36

“ Now THIS is right up my alley - I absolutely LOVE minor league baseball cards, and even I'm not sure why lol. A full three fourths of my whole baseball collection is Red Sox minor league cards. TCMA gets full credit for literally creating the idea of nationwide minor league sets, and are almost always very distinct and different than the MLB sets. The 84 set wasn't the prettiest they ever made (or the worst), but featured some really great prospect cards, such as Roger Clemens when he was with the PawSox. ” -AtarianX

“ This is a pretty good MiLB card from days gone by. I like the front, and for MiLB can live with the back save the bottom third being all self-advertising and void of any useful info. And I like the color scheme. ” -kents_stuff

“ He sure looks like Ricky Watters ” -TyrantsASupremeBeing

“ He either swallowed some bad-tasting medicine or he's looking for contrition from his old lady. Either way, good luck, Mike. ” -mkaz80

“ Nice 1980s Minor League card. Player's name should be larger than team name other than that pretty good. ” -captkirk42

“ He looks sad. On his way out of the majors. Last card of him. ” -cjjt

“ He has the look like he needs to go to the restroom. ” -awmckenz

“ TCMA one of the first true retro cards. Who doesn't like reminiscing of past players? I was born in 79 so I didn't get to see Proly play for my Phillies in 81. Only 2 other pitchers for the Phillies pitched in more games than he did that year. Tom and Michael took good pictures back then. The big borders were refreshing to see something different and almost a new age idea at the time. ” -Sandman7991


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