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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Set: 2013-14 Cardset Finland - High Scores

Card: #HS5 Ilari Filppula

“ RCOTD is an amazing vintage card and Write One is honestly one of the worst hockey cards I have ever seen. It looks like he skated through the Matrix, too bad that was almost a 15 year old movie at this time, so a bit dated. The front and the back have the same pictures and mostly the same wording, repeated, in the same font so it is obvious someone copy and pasted the front to the back and changed the color of the text. This is almost Topps level laziness on this card. ” -davidhandberry

“ Clean card free of borders and frames , high sponsored is what this insert could have been titled. Still nice seeing a Jokerit uni and how stuff's done elsewhere. ” -baseballcardstoreca

“ I wish I had access to European hockey sets. I'd collect them! ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Never a big fan of foreign jerseys due to all the ads, but I understand why. ” -Mscott713

“ I feel like someone else pointed out a similarity recently, but why does it say "High Scores" when the rest of the card is in Finnish? ” -vanstryland

“ Nice looking card. Shame they use the same photo front and back. Don't like the foil lettering hard to read player name that is dwarfed by insert set title. Card set made in Finland written in Finnish? Like the team name "Jokers". ” -captkirk42

“ That jersey tho Same back photo as front photo... booo ” -parsley24

“ Uniform or PJs for a 8 year old? ” -NJDevils

“ Valtteri’s bro ” -Paullilko


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