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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Set: 2003 Upper Deck First Pitch

Card: #9 Ramon Santiago

“ Not a bad front, wish the banner with name and logo was at the very bottom of the card. ” -rmpaq5

“ Very clean and nice looking. ” -Tylergallo

“ I like the card. Sadly I missed out on sports and card collecting for much of the 00's and early 10's and had never heard of Ramon Santiago, then I look him up and he played in the majors for over a decade. It is sad all the catching up I need to do for that time period. ” -davidhandberry

“ Maybe not a star, but he did have a 13-year major league career, including 10 years with Detroit. ” -vanstryland

“ Nice looking card. Nice title for a baseball insert. To match the title it would have been nice to have a brief about the player's first Major League At Bat, good or bad. (or if a pitcher the first batter he faced.) ” -captkirk42

“ Nice card. I like the design, and it's a good photo. ” -switzr1

“ A baseball card as RCOD? What is this world coming to? Bring back ducks and Magic the Gathering! *said no one ever ” -Sonofearl

“ Not sure why, but there is something I am not liking about this. I can't put my finger on it. ” -muskie027

“ Looks like he's seeing fastball. Just don't chase one in the dirt. ” -FiresNBeers


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