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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Set: 1994 Vision Generation Extreme

Card: #111 Danny Kim

“ I have no idea what bodyboarding is but that seems a decent action shot. Never saw these when they came out. Back has a nice portrait shot and a decent amount of information.All in all a nice card. ” -John Kerry

“ Nice action shot on the front. I want to bash this set but it actually looks better than most major sports sets. ” -davidhandberry

“ Looks like capitalization rules weren't know in 1994... ” -Eofet

“ Wow An Extreme Sport card. Nice to see a sport not normally seen. Pity I'm not a surfhead. Maybe that Brady Bunch in Hawaii episode where Greg wipes out because of the ancient tiki idol thing got to my head at a very early age. ” -captkirk42

“ I had no idea pro bodyboarding had cards. I like that though because I feel every professional sport should get cards. As for the card itself, the design is not bad. The text on the back grates on me by being all lowercase. The first name only on the front is also a detraction. Is that a typo on knee or is kne a thing in that sport? ” -Billy Kingsley

“ ooh, a surfer! ” -Kirbythedodger

“ These early 90s graphics are so horrible. all sports almost all graphics. They all remind me of a mid saturday morning tv show for kids. not quite a cartoon, not quite an adult product. ” -parsley24

“ That's pretty gnarly ” -switzr1

“ Well there is something you don't see everyday. ” -muskie027


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