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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Set: 1996 SkyBox 30 Years of Star Trek Phase Two

Card: #178 Dr. Julian Bashir

“ Never had heard of Phase Two so I had to look it up. Actually a pretty interesting story if you have a few minutes to spare. Like usual I just don't see a point to TV show cards especially a show that never made it to television. ” -davidhandberry

“ Resting "I don't care" face. I thought it sad that he changed his name from "Siddig El Fadil" to "Alexander Siddig" in the mid-90s. Nothing wrong with a guy from Sudan named "Siddig El Fadil". Good character on DS9. ” -cjjt

“ Odd Star Trek card. Mostly due to odd pictures of Dr. Bashir. He looks slightly different than usual. Front is OK I guess, back is a bit too plain. Then again it is mid-1990s Skybox. ” -captkirk42

“ this dude looks like he just hit the medical cabinet for a little extra something ” -tonym

“ This is not a card. It is an ID badge ” -NJDevils

“ I like Star Trek. This card is not for me though. ” -muskie027


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