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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Set: 1990-91 Upper Deck

Card: #454 Patrice Brisebois

“ I am a Canadian. I like this card. ” -John Kerry

“ The first UD Hockey set! Cool! I consider the Junior team cards in the base sets as XRCs, not true Rookie Cards, which the NHL has mandated is not the case. Although I guess it's somewhat unimportant as I generally don't keep track of RC in hockey anyway, mainly due to my not knowing enough about when people entered the league...yet. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Early Upper Deck, just a classic look. I hate white borders but I give a pass to early Upper Deck because it is iconic. ” -davidhandberry

“ Had a pretty decent career with the Habs . First Upper Deck always my favorite. ” -uncaian

“ Classic Upper Deck from 90-91. My first foray into collecting. Still like the crispness of these cards when I see them in hand. These sets had some really good photos and neat subsets. WJC card is a good example of that. ” -ranfordfan

“ Is that the Wimbledon trophy? ” -NJDevils

“ Tron Championship Program is free at last. Oh wait no this is a Hockey card Oops. ” -captkirk42

“ I loved this set and still do. The early Upper Deck cards were something special. ” -muskie027


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Oh, so close...

1993 Fleer/ProCards

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#NNO Mike McGowan TR (Front/Back)

#130b Mario Linares (Front/Back)

#NNO Matt Wilson (Front/Back)

#3668 Jeff Battles (Front/)
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