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Monday, May 20, 2019

Set: 1991 RSS Motorsports Fireball Roberts

Card: #24 Fireball Roberts / Chris Economaki

“ Fireball Roberts got his nickname due to his baseball pitch. Ironically he was killed in a firey accident in 1964, although technically an infection several weeks later, having never left the hospital, being in agony the whole time. He was allergic to the liquid thing they dipped firesuits in, so he raced without one. Had fuel cells been legal, he would have likely survived. They became legal within months after his accident. He had already announced that 1964 was his last year, he had accepted a job as a radio broadcaster. As he began his career as a teenager in the 40s, he became the first driver to attend college that I am aware of. Chris Economaki is one of the most legendary broadcasters the sport ever had. Began National Speed Sport News which is still being published today. Lived into his 90s, I believe a WWII veteran as well. Both are legends that anyone who appreciates the history of the sport hold in high esteem. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ This might be the worst card I have seen in a long time. No information on the front. I couldn't even tell what it was showing on the front. Looked like some sort of race track but could have been anything from cars to weiner dogs for all I knew. The back is only slightly better in that it at least says motorsports, has flags, and talks about Daytona and a 400 mile race which means it has to be some sort of auto racing. I would give the front 0 and the back 1 and that is being generous. ” -davidhandberry

“ This was printed in 1991 ? It looks like it was designed in the 40s. ” -altaeria

“ At first glance I was going to ask what non-sport or movie card is this?l It's racing. Nice 1990s card of a 1960s race, event coverage. ” -captkirk42

“ Interesting name choice from his parents... ” -royals

“ glen (fireball) Roberts got his nickname from being a baseball pitcher, ironically he did after being badly burned in a firery crash ” -Thunderfoot


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