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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Set: 2016 SAGE HIT - Autographs Gold

Card: #A4 Will Fuller

“ Don't like this brand. Totally unlicensed. To me they aren't any different from bootlegs, except possibly worse because they remove all the uniforms. It's a shame because the card designs aren't bad...this one is actually pretty nice. But I'm still glad they are not in any of my sports currently. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ If it is not an action shot you need something to show what sport is being represented. A team name, logo, helmet, something. The only reasons I could tell this was a football card was the WR for wide receiver and the shoulder pads. His name is lost in the background, the two lines in the corner are lost in the background. The back is the common congratulations garbage. Overall this is a waste of a card. Why waste time, ink, and trees to make something so bad. ” -davidhandberry

“ Jgamble needs to analyse this for his "I get the Crappy Autographs" list. ” -rmpaq5

“ Im not a big football collector but the card has a nice gold border and i like the way it blends in with the background ” -RsCards75

“ OK looking auto card. Whoa it's a Sage HIT card. I normally hate those things. (My dislike for Undrafted College Players cards) I can't tell if it is on card or on sticker. I forget how HIT does the autos. ” -captkirk42

“ One of the great receivers in ND history. When healthy, he's been a pretty darn good pro, as well. I usually think SAGE cards are kinda cheap looking, but this one is actually nice. ” -mkaz80


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