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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Set: 2008-09 SPx - SPxcitement

Card: #X70 Steven Stamkos

“ OK as an insert, but that back is tough to read. Maybe better in hand? I hope so. It's interesting how quickly the Lightning went from his team to Nikita Kucherov's team. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ SPx always have nice looking sets. Even if a lot of them are similar. The back of this one should have black lettering on it so it would be easier to read. ” -Bassbunny22

“ How do you pronounce SPxcitement? ” -bpaul14

“ Odd design looks like he is skating on stone. A walk of fame of some kind LOL. Serial numbered card. ” -captkirk42

“ This is an okay design. Good player through. ” -Brendan Barrick

“ Love the look of the card, but it does look like it says spxcitement. ” -crushnmove


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