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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Set: 2003-04 Fleer Avant - Materials Patches (Rate)

Card: #TM Tracy McGrady

“ I don't understand the design of this card. He's featured in his Team USA jersey, with a huge picture of an American flag. Yet the game-worn patch is from his playing time on the Magic. Why not feature him in his Magic jersey? I can't get behind the incongruous nature of this card. ” -ketchupman36

“ I guess that if it is a patch from an Orlando Magic jersey, then I'd like to see the photo at least be in an Orlando Magic jersey. Ideally in a blue jersey like this piece came from, but that might be asking too much. ” -kents_stuff

“ Great card! Rare to see Olympic photos on cards, but that Avant set, a one and done release, did include them. The photos are actually from the qualifying tournament for the 2004 Olympics. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Always like the patches. I wish I had more. ” -kirkscards

“ This hurt my eyes. What is going on with the purple? Why the USA flag and logo if it is a Magic games used jersey card? Not good. ” -muskie027

“ Nice four color patch. Not much of an eye catching design. For once I am going to say TOO MUCH WHITE BORDER. Back design a little better. ” -captkirk42

“ I will give them props for trying something new with a patch card but it is just way too much white border on the front. I like the back but I get tired of them taking up the whole back with the congratulations for a game used jersey thing. ” -davidhandberry

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Set: 1923-24 Crescent Selkirk Fishermen (Rate)

Card: #10 Cliff O'Meara

“ Beautiful! ” -muskie027

“ These cards can be fun to look at with the right player on them , but for the most part they are boring. I do like the fact that it takes a lot to make them stick together unlike these newer glossy cards. Would love to have a stack of Michael Jordan star cards. Who wouldn’t ? ” -Al Knapp El

“ Wow! This is the fifth oldest hockey set listed in the Database. A regional, non-major league promo at that. Fantastic. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ This is so old, that the Selkirk fishermen could of been actual fishermen. ” -kirkscards

“ Holy cats! This is wild. One of the oldest hockey cards. ” -cjjt

“ Very cool Vintage. Hmm Soccer or Rugby? OH blew me out of the water ITS HOCKEY! ICE HOCKEY! Dang I don't know my 1920s sports. Cool anyway. ” -captkirk42

“ I picked up this set ~2 years ago. Beautiful. ” -wjhipwell

“ Cool. I just learned more about this minor league hockey team in 15 minutes than i knew in a lifetime. ” -parsley24

“ I like the front. It is great for a vintage card. The back is awesome though, I love the free brick of ice cream. I tried to find out if Crescent Ice Cream was still around but couldn't find any information on it after the 50's so I am guessing it is gone. ” -davidhandberry

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Friday, November 30, 2018

Set: 1995 TCM Santa Around the World: Santa & Snowflakes (Rate)

Card: #29 1950 USA

“ Thanks Santa for waiting until after Thanksgiving! ” -ketchupman36

“ I wish the picture was centered better and the back was different. I am a huge Christmas person so I am loving this card. ” -davidhandberry

“ Yes! And for the day after Thanksgiving when people consider the Christmas season to start, I think maybe this goes on the RCOTD coincidences, don't you?!?!?! ” -muskie027

“ This can't be a coincidence. All the stores have started with Christmas, so as soon as Thanksgiving is over, the TCDB is all over Santa. lol ” -Splinter_9

“ Ho Ho Ho! 'Nuff Said. ” -captkirk42

“ Cool! This comes up on the day that my family traditionally puts up our Christmas tree. A day that has always had special meaning to me, even though since I lost my dad to cancer is a little bittersweet, as putting up the tree with him was my favorite activity we did together. Seeing Christmas lights on houses and yards is a very large part of why winter is my favorite season. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ How random is random? A Christmas card on the first "official" day of the holiday season. Better known as Black Friday madness!! Who doesn't like a card of Santa Claus!?! ” -ranfordfan

“ How appropriate for this time of year. ” -kirkscards

“ *cue the Christmas holiday music* ” -stevejrogers

“ Love it! ” -tbshaw

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Set: 2002-03 Hoops Stars (Rate)

Card: #91 Shareef Abdur-Rahim

“ The foreground shot is fine but the background is too busy in my opinion. ” -John Kerry

“ I really liked this set when it came out, and I still do, despite it being a player in front of a fake background. I think now it's more nostalgia than design. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ ummm...no ” -C2Cigars

“ I believe it was someone's first time with photoshop and just wanted to go crazy with every background, font, effect, etc.., they could find. The sad part is what could have been a good looking card is killed by the effects. Sadly as bad as the front is the back is 10x worse. I would give the front a 2 and the back a 1. ” -davidhandberry

“ As an insert, it is all good except for the use of the same picture on the back. I didn't remember he played for the Hawks, I only remember the Vancouver Grizzlies. ” -muskie027

“ Eh front a bit busy. At least all the essential IDs are there: player name, team name. Back OK except for repeat of photo.and continuation of strange design. ” -captkirk42

“ Looks like he's being beamed up to The Enterprise ” -Trapper9

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Set: 1987 Topps Stickers (Rate)

Card: #75 Fernando Valenzuela

“ That number on the bottom couldn't get any smaller (I hope). Fairly basic design but give their size not surprising. Good portrait shot. In short a passing grade. ” -John Kerry

“ I liked these back in the day. My problem with this one is no name on it. ” -davidhandberry

“ Before there were Hulkamaniacs running wild there was Fernandomania. ” -trauty

“ The look on his face makes me think he may have read all the threads about Topps stickers we've had lately. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ I love Fernando... Only player in MLB history that Abba wrote a song about. Great sticker. ” -parsley24

“ Reminds me of my youth. The '80's was full of food issues, oddballs and stickers. Although Topps still produces stickers, it's just not quite the same. ” -weight333

“ Nice portrait card. Oops its a sticker that would explain why the back looks sort of plain. My one nitpick on stickers like this. Sure they were designed with an album in mind but it would be nice to have the player's name on the front. Stickers don't really need the team name shown, but a player name is nice. Not everyone attaches the stickers to the album. Especially collectors that are super condition sensitive and OCD. ” -captkirk42

“ Fernando! What a sensation when he came to the big leagues. Nice photo, nice design overall on the front. Just nothing but ads on the back, though. ” -kents_stuff

“ Not a bad and not a great sticker. Still not sure I consider a sticker a card. I am torn on this one. Fernando was something in the 80's. ” -muskie027

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Set: 1990 Donruss (Rate)

Card: #536 Jose DeLeon

“ I like this set. Just about perfect, I don't care for the fact that his shoe is cut off but I can forgive it in an action shot. I wish companies would try some new things, like they did in the 80's and early 90's. Now I have a hard time determining sets apart because one year looks like the next. You can easily tell 80's and 90's Donruss sets apart from each other. ” -davidhandberry

“ I actually like this card design. I know most do not. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Love this overproduced set. Don't love the script names hard to read some of the not so normal names. Jose's name is OK you can pretty much figure out the "DeLeon" but sometimes the name can be difficult to read and you have to go to the back. ” -captkirk42

“ Hey, look, it's a 1990 non-UER, first printing, factory set, black line corrected Donr.... Wait. No. It's a hobby pack second prin.... Umm. Crud. OK. Heck, I can't keep them straight anymore. Nice action photo. Let's leave it there. ” -kents_stuff

“ This was my first set in my life i tried to put together on my own. I spent hundreds of dollars as a little 12 year old doing it. Memories are priceless but that it. ” -parsley24

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Set: 2005 Topps All American (Rate)

Card: #75 Barry Sanders

“ Nice vintage look. ” -davidhandberry

“ Many an ankle turned on opposing players by this one! Simply the best there was, is, and will be! Card design is awesome also. Love the Comic on the back! ” -rmpaq5

“ Great set. Barry--the greatest ever!! ” -cjjt

“ Love the back. Do not like the front. ” -NJDevils

“ I likel the vintage style back. ” -kirkscards

“ One of these Love/Hate sets for me. I love vintage and retro sets that honor the vintage. I don't like College sets, but the vintage All American set I like. Don't think I have any cards from the real vintage set but I do have one or two from this retro set. I like the retro version for some players but not all. Yes I am officially weird and often contradictory. ” -captkirk42

“ Cool, I guess.. ” -Kirbythedodger

“ I love it. Barry in college. A legend! ” -muskie027

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Set: 2016-17 Upper Deck - UD Portraits (Rate)

Card: #P-79 Brayden Point

“ I like some of the Upper Deck Portrait inserts. This one is ok, but it overall is one of the insert sets I look forward to. ” -muskie027

“ Portraits... i.e., the most boring insert in the Upper Deck line-up ” -Eofet

“ At first I was going to say I liked the card but then I looked at the back. I was thinking this was a posed face shot of a hockey player which I would have liked because I believe football and hockey players are too impersonal because of masks and helmets getting in the way. Upon seeing the back I realized they just zoomed in on a picture of him and called it a portrait. Also no team name on the front. If they had sat the players down and had them pose without helmets, this would have been a solid 10, instead a 3. ” -davidhandberry

“ I hate duplicate photos on the same card. But the front design is elegantly simple. I wish there was a team logo--or at least a name--on the front. ” -kents_stuff

“ I find the portraits set rather unnecessary. Doesn't stop me from collecting them, but I'd rather have another base card. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Looks they use the same poor picture on the front and the back. ” -kirkscards

“ This is a great card. But they have the same second photo on the back. that is my gripe ” -parsley24

“ Another MEH for me, I like the concept but the whole idea of a live action portrait just not my thing. The baqck is a bit better because its more hockey card and less portrait. Just sayin. =) ” -ranfordfan

“ Nice card for what it is an insert set of player portraits. ” -captkirk42

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Set: 1989 Star (Rate)

Card: #12 Pat Combs

“ Nice. I like it. ” -switzr1

“ Does "Pro Ball 1989" mean that this is his first year as a pro? I like the design. I like the back as well. It looks like it has the old school texture as well, rather than the super slick UV coating. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Very typical 80's, early 90's minor league card. As I have said before I don't know why but I am drawn to minor league cards. They are simple, no thrills but I like them. ” -davidhandberry

“ Wow that card is RED. Very basic, as with most Star.issues that I've seen. Front is appealing to me, but not the back. ” -kents_stuff

“ A late 1980s Star Card. Been about six months since we've seen one of these. Nice front, back OK. ” -captkirk42

“ it's alway disappointing to me when a minor league teams use the same name and logo and a MLB team, but good clean card design ” -Thunderfoot

“ I see #45, in that style, can't help but see Tug McGraw ;) ” -stevejrogers

“ Our first "wax" product, based on the leagues we had licenses for. As for the player, one of my favorites from that time frame with the Phillies. He had just played for the US Olympic team, and was a sure-fire prospect. As I have documented in other areas, I got to chat with Pat about his experiences and got a couple very nice autographs in 1990. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take one of these with me to get signed! ” -vrooomed

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Set: 2018 Topps Heritage - 50th Anniversary Buybacks (Rate)

Card: #193 Don Cardwell

“ I like buybacks. More cards to collect. If they still had the NBA license I would have been thrilled to be able to get another card of some of the older players who didn't get many. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Oh boy, some people gonna get all excited til they see that gold stamp. I'm fine with these cards, so I give it a thumbs up. ” -switzr1

“ So happy to see a card from The Buyback King make it as RCOD. Can you believe he only needs a few dozen to finish the SET of 2018 Heritage Buybacks??? FYI- there is a difference between buybacks from the regular set and the high numbers. The logo was placed on the left originally and on the right for the highs. ” -Dave Sosidka

“ It was bound to happen sometime the random card being a buyback card. A cool vintage card defaced with a foil stamp to become an entirely "new" card. Some people really dig these and are chasing them, but for me it upsets me. Yes the card is well was a real vintage card but it got branded with a foil stamp. ” -captkirk42

“ Ooh, I love this Cardwell! ” -Kirbythedodger

“ The stamp ruins a vintage card. The end. ” -NJDevils

“ Big empty spot symmetrically opposite and they choose to cover the pitching hand with that special logo?! ” -kents_stuff

“ The whole buyback thing confuses me still. So it is a real card from 1969 that no longer qualifies as a 1969 card because Topps put a new stamp on it? ” -muskie027

“ nice clean looking classic design, although still not sure how i feel about buybacks yet though ” -Thunderfoot

“ Just got a couple of these through sports lots. Cant wait. ” -parsley24

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