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Monday, September 2, 2019

Set: 2009-10 Panini Prestige (Rate)

Card: #158 Jordan Hill

“ Nice looking card but why is there a football at the bottom of a basketball card, front and back. ” -davidhandberry

“ The first Prestige NBA set. Was sort of Panini's flagship as it was produced every year except 2011-12, but they dropped it for 2018-19. The sets were always to small, and did not accurately cover the sport, but that is Panini's basic entire operating system. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ One of the better looking Panini card backs I've seen, but the photo looks like it was taken in a high school gym! ” -bevans

“ Nice Prestige card. Now why can't Panini do that with the football? ” -captkirk42

“ Was this picture taken during a summer league game? ” -kirkscards

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Set: 2015 Topps (Rate)

Card: #NNO Babe Ruth's Call Your Shot Game Card

“ This is very random. ” -ShoTime

“ Hahaha! Love that this came up. I struggle with these types. I guess I'd like to keep on to show what it looked like, but I tend to keep all of them cause I can't throw things out. Then since I save them, I log some of them here. I really need to throw these out more, but I use them to protect other cards, so I guess they serve a purpose. ” -muskie027

“ This is one of those weird cards for me. Most of these I keep but throw in boxes to trade or sell but because I collect Babe Ruth I kept this one and similar ones with other players I collect. I don't know how you rate this, seeing as how it's more of a coupon than a trading card. ” -davidhandberry

“ I haven't been around since the dawn of the site, but I am pretty sure this is the first PROMO/ADVERTISING type card to be RCOTD. ” -rmpaq5

“ First card I've ever seen with the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram logos on the front. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Should this even be classified as a card? ” -kirkscards

“ Well...this is random ;) ” -stevejrogers

“ This is truly a first for RCotD. ” -vrooomed

“ Awww it's expired ” -Lennoxmatt

“ What an odd card to be the random card. Very fee collectors even think about these inserts. ” -captkirk42

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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Set: 2016 Topps Chrome - Prism Refractor (Rate)

Card: #115 Starling Marte

“ I generally dislike when the background is blurred or distorted. Though this a solid back of the card design. ” -kirkscards

“ awesome card ” -crashdavis28

“ I've never had one of these. I liked the 2016 Topps base set. ” -muskie027

“ I wish this was the base design, too bad it is one of the many parallels to a boring base design. ” -davidhandberry

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Friday, August 30, 2019

Set: 2010 Topps Platinum (Rate)

Card: #148 Cedric Benson

“ Another "coincidence" on RCOTD seeing as how he died just a few days ago. The card is rather nice. It makes me see that Topps could do something different and it saddens me more that they don't try more. The front is very nice. The back could use some color or something but I like the set up of it. ” -davidhandberry

“ RIP C. Ben ” -carthage44

“ Not sure how random this is showing up in the "Write One" section the same week as his passing, but it's a nice tribute to see him here. From a card perspective, I'd rather have a nice base set than some of these more upper tier products that Platinum or Chrome. ” -vanstryland

“ I am very tired of these chrome type cards that refuse to scan well. The overall front design is OK but is of course much better looking in hand because the whole background is CHROME FOIL that scans as BLACK. or very dark gray. Back is typical Panini Oops Topps back. Sorry tor the bitter sarcastic 'tude for this one. ” -captkirk42

“ RIP Cedric ” -Paullilko

“ So much here is so...unmemorable. Then again, have there been any memorable or important football cards produced over the past 20 years? ” -mkaz80

“ RIP ” -parsley24

“ Is that picture even Cedric Benson? ” -RoyalChief

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Set: 1991 Topps - Micro (Rate)

Card: #433 Pat Tabler

“ Topps how could I have been so loyal for so long. When I was just collecting and not paying attention as closely as I do now that I have been doing RCOTD, I really liked Topps. Now that I have been doing this, Topps is becoming less and less in my estimation. Too many sets with white borders that look bland. Too many parallels. Not enough innovation. In close to 70 years of Topps only about 20 sets have not had white borders and many of them are the borderless sets that they are going with currently. ” -davidhandberry

“ I just got a set of these recently in a big lot I purchased. Not sure who the target market was supposed to be for this design, but there are Cardinals in it, so I'll pull them for my PC. ” -Brimose

“ I can't read the numbers on regular size cards. ” -NJDevils

“ I have always not liked these micro cards for the very reason they are micro cards. Even Cracker Jack prize cards were slightly bigger and could be read. These things were hard to read late 20something, now as a mid 50s guy I don't even dare try to reading any damn thing on these. Good thing I have never had more than maybe 4 or 5 of these things. Why make the entire 700 card set of these? I can understand a top 20 or maybe 50 but an entire set? How many UERs did this set have? How many corrected errors? Silly. ” -captkirk42

“ The micro set is what you do as a company when you have already overproduced the standard size card. ” -YoRicha

“ Are the stats on the back even readable? ” -vanstryland

“ Has anyone inspected the micros for variations? I would, but I don’t have an electron microscope. ” -DocOso

“ I think I finally need glasses. ” -volbox

“ Micro cards come up a lot on RCOTD, don't they? ” -muskie027

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Set: 2017 Bowman's Best (Rate)

Card: #64 Bradley Zimmer

“ At first glance, I hated it. The more I looked at it, I actually like it and I am not sure why. It has a cool look. ” -muskie027

“ If you look up the word “busy” in a dictionary, this image is next to it ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ Really enjoyed this edition of Bowman's Best. Very vibrant and colorful. The cards really pop in hand. ” -mkaz80

“ Wow this front is way to busy. Looks like he is breaking through glass with all those triangles. Triangles? What? Back looks like an insert. Bowman's Best HA it is like Topps Finest they are "best" or "finest" in name only. OH maybe I'm finally finding out what they mean by "best" the text on the back is describing a best game in July 2017. Hmm when was this set released in 2017? ” -captkirk42

“ Would be easier to read the name without the diaphanous leg behind it. ” -NJDevils

“ Very cool front. Back makes no sense with a blurb about Edwin Encarnacion instead of Zimmer. ” -davidhandberry

“ Sparkly. I like it. ” -royals

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Set: 2000 Bowman - Rookie Rising (Rate)

Card: #RR5 Marvin Harrison

“ I'm not into football, but this card design is a bit too dark for my taste. Maybe it looks better in-hand though. ” -olerud363

“ Decent looking insert card. Would have liked it better if the back picture had him without a helmet. As far as insert cards go you can't really hope for much besides a huge logo and fancy background. I find it kind of sad that I expect less from the cards that are worth more. ” -davidhandberry

“ So, it's a description of his Rookie season in a set 4 years later? ODD. ” -royals

“ Nice looking insert card. I like the front (unless it is foil background). Back is OK but looks like a base card not an insert. ” -captkirk42

“ nfcfd ” -crashdavis28

“ This is an ok parallel. Not too bad ” -parsley24

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Monday, August 26, 2019

Set: 1963 Topps (Rate)

Card: #53 Joe Moeller

“ I'm not a vintage collector but this card makes me want to start. ” -ketchupman36

“ Wow, he's still the youngest Dodger pitcher to start a game at 19 years, 2 months. I would have expected someone else would have beaten that age record in the past 55 years. ” -Brimose

“ It's tough to beat '63 Topps. Yet, I used to be somewhat 'blah' about this set...until the 2012 Heritage release got its hooks in me in big time. ” -mkaz80

“ I remember this card well. One of the best backs. Readable number and a cartoon and not an overload of stats. Also, it's from my childhood. Love the stadium in background too ” -NJDevils

“ Vintage! VINtage! VINTAGE! Love the '63 Topps. A couple of years before my time. ” -captkirk42

“ cartoons on the back are always a plus ” -Thunderfoot

“ I have always loved the 1963 Topps design. The colors are so bright, and I love having the stats on the back. I wouldn't have wanted one of Joe though. Being a Yankee fan, why would I want a Dodger??? ” -panzerdoug

“ The circular portrait inside the bottom right corner of the action photo is spot-on. The card designers got this one perfect. If I had three hands, I'd give this card three thumbs up. ” -CollectingAfterDeath

“ Nice Vintage! ” -kirkscards

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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Set: 2000 Precedence Babylon 5 Crusade (Rate)

Card: #NNO Pieces of the Puzzle

“ Another game set. Are there actually people who play all of these games? If so where are they, I have never met anyone who played any of them besides Magic and Pokemon. ” -davidhandberry

“ Piece of something all right. ” -NJDevils

“ Babylon 5 joins the TCG race. ” -captkirk42

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Set: 2012 Topps Mini (Rate)

Card: #257 Seth Smith

“ Solid design. I like pinstripes so the uniform is cool in my opinion. Back seems to provide full career stats and a writeup, and is easy to read. Not much more you could ask for, although I probably wouldn't have cropped the photo so closely...still perfectly fine though. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Says he was a child actor, but he really wasn't. So would that make this an UER? ” -jupiterhill

“ It's sad, I think I am a pretty positive person but I don't think I have written a positive review in several days. That trend continues today. Let's start with the negatives, white border, useless parallel, looks just like most other Topps sets of this era, very generic, miniature. Let's do the positives... ” -davidhandberry

“ I like the design for this year. ” -kirkscards

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