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Friday, November 3, 2017

Year: 2010

Set: Topps WWE - National Heroes (Rate)

Card: #NH20 Rey Mysterio

“ Booyaka Booyaka. I was always a big fan of Rey Jr. Really one of the all time greats. His matches with Jericho were incredible. And I really liked this insert set, with the flag backgrounds, though I don't have this particular card. Best RCOTD I've seen in a while. ” -switzr1

“ Booyaka Booyaka 619 ” -trauty

“ Wow...this is...lame... ” -YoRicha

“ Sweet card! ” -kents_stuff

“ "Mysterio has taken his heritage one step further by tattooing 'Mexican' across his med-section..." I never realized how unpatriotic I am. ” -dilemma19

“ Cool card. Wrestling cards do feature some colorful characters! ” -olerud363

“ They should make all his cards #619, Booyaka, Booyaka ” -mbarlow092

“ Cool Wrastlin' card. ” -captkirk42

“ King Mysterious! ” -deporcoruña

“ Kids love them some Rey Mysterio Jr...but not as much as Tony Schiavone does! ” -IndyBean17

“ Is Rey Mysterio on El Rey's La Lucha Underground now? I keep seeing the commercials and want to get into it, but I haven't yet. As for this card, I actually love it for a Heroes insert! ” -muskie027

“ Booyaka ” -Bargunmaster

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This is the guy I would pick whenever I'd  play some video wrestling game with my kids. I didn't realize he was an actual person. I was never as good in the video game as he probably was in his sport. 


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Friday, November 3, 2017 4:35 PMReply Quote Top Bottom Report

Nice card.  Something different.

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