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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Year: 2010

Set: Topps Triple Threads - Sepia (Rate)

Card: #92 B.J. Upton

“ Sepia really doesn't need to be a thing. At least it's numbered. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Never understood Triple Threads. My first taste of them was game used cards and it made sense, threads = uniform cards. Then I found out that they had a base set and non game used cards and I was confused. Glad to see a former Brave as RCOD, hadn't seen one in a while, even if it is one of the worst free agent signings the Braves have ever done. ” -davidhandberry

“ Looks like a Rays player with a Yankees facade. ” -NJDevils

“ Meh. This is Exhibit A of how modern cards have gone down the crapper. ” -IndyBean17

“ These were some high end cards back in the day. ” -carthage44

“ Where is the triple thread on this card? ” -switzr1

“ Good looking card for Upper Deck. ” -parsley24

“ Sadly this type of card is typical of modern mediocrity. I like it in some ways and don't like it in others. Front is pretty good even though it looks like some kind of movie reel trophy presentation. Back needs fuller stats, might as well get rid of the duplicate of the headshot move team logo to front. ” -captkirk42

“ Not familiar with it, but ol' Melvin had a few god seasons back in the day. This card doesn't pop special to me, but it is moderately ok. ” -muskie027

“ With lightning wrists and cannon arms, I at first assumed this was a Marvel or DC Comics card. But I'm always glad to see baseball represented. Not a bad design on the front, although a lot of unused space so that could be smaller. ” -kents_stuff

“ Stealing from the back 1) I actually like the player of the foreground in focus vs the background being out of focus. Creates an interesting effect. 2) Despite the wasted space on the bottom it works for this photo...maybe not all cards of this set but this one looks good. 3) More stats would be nice. ” -rmpaq5

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