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Friday, March 2, 2018

Year: 1998

Set: Pinnacle Inside (Rate)

Card: #123 Jeff Abbott

“ Did you turn your head to read the card back? I sure did. I have been known to use an odd angle when it's the only way to get something in a photo entirely- generally a car that I can't get a better angle of- but here it just seems a little forced and odd for the sake of odd. Even so, I kind of like it, and it'd be easy enough in hand to tilt the card slightly. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Cards that came in a can? Count me in! ” -mkaz80

“ Front is ok. I wish that it had his team logo or name on the front. The back on the other hand is horrible. Everything slanted is annoying, no stats, mildly interesting facts. I believe this is the set that came in cans which was a cool gimmick. ” -davidhandberry

“ Cheezy 90s design, but I kinda like it. I can't think of any other similar cards, so great job Pinnacle for not recycling! ” -dilemma19

“ Oh Mr. Abbott, he had so much promise with the White Sox. Considering his career stats are .263, 18 HRs and 83 RBI it did not turn out so well. GO WHITE SOX!!! ” -carthage44

“ Ah 1990s Pinnacle. Lets see front design a bit odd but OK I guess needs team name and logo "rookie" could be a little smaller. Chrome lettering not bad in this case. Back? What NO stats? OH OK He is a rookie, but why not show college or high school stats? ” -captkirk42

“ Good looking card. Ruined with the pinnacle logo though. But this is that late 90s graphic look that i detest. ” -parsley24

“ Cards in a can!! ” -suomibear8

“ Not a fan of this design, looks like all of the cards were crooked going through the printer. ” -IfbBirdsCards

“ Worse "Rookie" branding ever. Abbott's name is printed too big. The whole angle thing in the name, position and whatever the heck the rookie this is gives me nausea. OMG, the back just stepped the nausea up to vertigo. Other than that, it isn't so bad. ” -muskie027

“ How many others googled Jeff Abbott to see if he was related to the great Jim Abbott? ” -bigsmooth

“ Are these the ones that came in the tin cans? Probably not the best gimmick ever. The cans took up too much room. Card looks pretty good though. ” -switzr1

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