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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Year: 2001

Set: Ultra WNBA (Rate)

Card: #116 Ron Rothstein

“ Looks like he's about to raise those hands up to do some hollerin' ” -switzr1

“ He looks like an accountant, not a basketball coach. Don't remember him in the NBA but I didn't follow the Heat back in the 90's. It's always nice to see the WNBA get some love. I wish they made more sets for female sports. ” -davidhandberry

“ Seriously? Another Ultra WNBA card? And a coach, at that. Someone needs to tilt the RCOTD machine, it's skipping. ” -mkaz80

“ I remember him as coach of the Heat...or I should say cards of him as coach of the Heat. Pat Riley was their coach by time I discovered the sport. ” -Billy Kingsley

“ Sad guy in a suit wants someone to throw him a ball. Is there more boring card than this? Team logo and text 'coach' in front would have been much better idea than just text 'Miami Sol'. Fleer Ultra logo should be up left corner of the card. By the way, he looks more like an owner of the team than a coach. 2/10 ” -Duke

“ Hey! I'm open! Hello? I've got an open shot here......hey! Are you listening to me???? ” -Joshua825

“ OK card. I was thinking it might be college Hoops, but Hey it's Wnba. Not bad for a coach card. ” -captkirk42

“ weird recipe card but ok ” -parsley24

“ 2nd WNBA card in about a month. I like it. We need some more WNBA sets. I would buy! ” -muskie027

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Saturday, March 16, 2019 12:34 AM

I never knew that Rothstein coached in the WNBA too. Like Billy said, I remember him as the coach of the Heat but mostly through coach cards back then. I thought he went to NCAA after he left the NBA. Maybe he did, but then he apparently went to the WNBA. Honestly, I'm surprised the WNBA has lasted so long. That comment has nothing to do with gender roles, sexism, racism or anything of the sort. It's purely based on coverage of any sport in the US (or even the world). The sports media really only covers them during the playoffs. Some cover the draft too, but not nearly as much coverage as drafts for the NBA and NFL. I'm also still surprised that any level of Arena football is still around just b/c of the coverage of them. NBA's D-League seems to get more coverage than WNBA or AFL. And now the AAF started and after the first month, no one is talking about it anymore. I can't wait to see what Vince McMahon has in store for the football fans in 2020 with his new version of the XFL. I really thought that 1st attempt about 20 years ago would create a second season, but it didn't. I can't wait to see what changes were made to see if the plan works this time. Oops... got off-topic a bit. Sorry.


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