2002 BBM


  1   Shugo Fujii   Yakult Swallows
  2   Shingo Takatsu   Yakult Swallows
  3   Ryu Kawabata   Yakult Swallows
  4   Satoshi Iriki   Yakult Swallows
  5   Futoshi Yamabe   Yakult Swallows
  6   Alan Newman   Yakult Swallows
  7   Tatsuki Yamamoto   Yakult Swallows
  8   Hirotsugu Maeda   Yakult Swallows
  9   Shinji Matsuda   Yakult Swallows
  10   Ryota Igarashi   Yakult Swallows
  11   Kevin Hodges   Yakult Swallows
  12   Hirotoshi Ishii   Yakult Swallows
  13   Atsuya Furuta   Yakult Swallows
  14   Akinori Iwamura   Yakult Swallows
  15   Katsuyuki Dobashi   Yakult Swallows
  16   Shinya Miyamoto   Yakult Swallows
  17   Chihiro Hamana   Yakult Swallows
  18   Roberto Petagine   Yakult Swallows
  19   Takahiro Ikeyama   Yakult Swallows
  20   Tetsuya Iida   Yakult Swallows
  21   Alex Ramirez   Yakult Swallows
  22   Mitsuru Manaka   Yakult Swallows
  23   Atsunori Inaba   Yakult Swallows
  24   Masanori Ishikawa   Yakult Swallows
  25   Yusuke Kajimoto RC   Yakult Swallows
  26   Kazuya Ichida RC   Yakult Swallows
  27   Masakazu Fukukawa RC   Yakult Swallows
  28   Takahiko Hagiwara   Yakult Swallows
  29   Takaaki Igarashi RC   Yakult Swallows
  30   Munehiro Shida RC   Yakult Swallows
  31   Junichi Kawahara   Yomiuri Giants
  32   Hisanori Takahashi   Yomiuri Giants
  33   Masumi Kuwata   Yomiuri Giants
  34   Koji Uehara   Yomiuri Giants
  35   Yusaku Iriki   Yomiuri Giants
  36   Hideki Okajima   Yomiuri Giants
  37   Yukinaga Maeda   Yomiuri Giants
  38   Kazuhiro Takeda   Yomiuri Giants
  39   Taka Miura   Yomiuri Giants
  40   Takashi Kashiwada   Yomiuri Giants
  41   Min-Te Jung   Yomiuri Giants
  42   Tsuyoshi Johbe   Yomiuri Giants
  43   Shinnosuke Abe   Yomiuri Giants
  44   Koji Gotoh   Yomiuri Giants
  45   Daisuke Motoki   Yomiuri Giants
  46   Kazuhiro Kiyohara   Yomiuri Giants
  47   Masahiro Kawai   Yomiuri Giants
  48   Tomohiro Nioka   Yomiuri Giants
  49   Toshihisa Nishi   Yomiuri Giants
  50   Akira Etoh   Yomiuri Giants
  51   Keiji Fukui   Yomiuri Giants
  52   Takayuki Shimizu   Yomiuri Giants
  53   Yoshinobu Takahashi   Yomiuri Giants
  54   Hideki Matsui   Yomiuri Giants
  55   Hiroki Sanada RC   Yomiuri Giants
  56   Takashi Kamoshida RC   Yomiuri Giants
  57   Masami Ishikawa RC   Yomiuri Giants
  58   Yuji Sogawa RC   Yomiuri Giants
  59   Makoto Ohsuga RC   Yomiuri Giants
  60   Masanori Hayashi RC   Yomiuri Giants
  61   Takashi Saitoh   Yokohama BayStars
  62   Masao Morinaka   Yokohama BayStars
  63   Takeo Kawamura   Yokohama BayStars
  64   Daisuke Miura   Yokohama BayStars
  65   Atsushi Kizuka   Yokohama BayStars
  66   Hiroki Nomura   Yokohama BayStars
  67   Kazushi Hosomi   Yokohama BayStars
  68   Shane Bowers   Yokohama BayStars
  69   Kuniyuki Taniguchi   Yokohama BayStars
  70   Susumu Nakanowatari   Yokohama BayStars
  71   Shintaro Takeshita   Yokohama BayStars
  72   Takeshi Nakamura   Yokohama BayStars
  73   Ryoji Aikawa   Yokohama BayStars
  74   Takashi Manei   Yokohama BayStars
  75   Hiroo Ishii   Yokohama BayStars
  76   Takuro Ishii   Yokohama BayStars
  77   Hitoshi Taneda   Yokohama BayStars
  78   Hirofumi Ogawa   Yokohama BayStars
  79   Yoshihito Ishii   Yokohama BayStars
  80   Tatsuhiko Kinjoh   Yokohama BayStars
  81   Hitoshi Nakane   Yokohama BayStars
  82   Takanori Suzuki   Yokohama BayStars
  83   Kazunori Tanaka   Yokohama BayStars
  84   Takahiro Saeki   Yokohama BayStars
  85   Jun Inoue   Yokohama BayStars
  86   Yuji Hata RC   Yokohama BayStars
  87   Masakuni Odajima RC   Yokohama BayStars
  88   Naoya Okamoto   Yokohama BayStars
  89   Masahiro Tazaki RC   Yokohama BayStars
  90   Hideki Chiba RC   Yokohama BayStars
  91   Tsuyoshi Kikuchihara   Hiroshima Toyo Carp
  92   Hiroki Kuroda   Hiroshima Toyo Carp
  93   Yasuyuki Yamauchi   Hiroshima Toyo Carp
  94   Shinji Sasaoka   Hiroshima Toyo Carp
  95   Masayuki Hasegawa   Hiroshima Toyo Carp
  96   Yasushi Tsuruta   Hiroshima Toyo Carp
  97   Ken Takahashi   Hiroshima Toyo Carp
  98   Kanei Kobayashi   Hiroshima Toyo Carp
  99   Shigeo Tamaki   Hiroshima Toyo Carp
  100   Erik Schullstrom   Hiroshima Toyo Carp


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