2005 CPBL 16th Chinese Professional Baseball League


  1   Wen-Pin Yu   Sinon Bulls
  2   Chung-Nan Tsai   Sinon Bulls
  3   Jorge Cortez   Sinon Bulls
  4   Yong-Zhi Kuo   Sinon Bulls
  5   Jeff Andra   Sinon Bulls
  6   Osvaldo Martinez   Sinon Bulls
  7   Chien-Fu Yang   Sinon Bulls
  8   Len Picota   Sinon Bulls
  9   Chun-Chang Yeh   Sinon Bulls
  10   Tsung-Fu Chen   Sinon Bulls
  11   Chin-Te Yu   Sinon Bulls
  12   Chia-Hao Chang   Sinon Bulls
  13   Chung-Yi Huang   Sinon Bulls
  14   Yang-Yueh Tseng   Sinon Bulls
  15   Tai-Shan Chang   Sinon Bulls
  16   Shih-Hua Wang   Sinon Bulls
  17   Shu-Mu Chueh   Sinon Bulls
  18   Chao-Hsing Cheng   Sinon Bulls
  19   Min-Shuen Chiu   Sinon Bulls
  20   Hua-Wei Tseng   Sinon Bulls
  21   Chin-Hsiung Yang   Sinon Bulls
  22   Sung-Yung Lo   Sinon Bulls
  23   Chien-Ming Chang   Sinon Bulls
  24   Chih-Chin Tsai   Macoto Cobras
  25   Chin-Chih Huang   Macoto Cobras
  26   Ming-Chin Li   Macoto Cobras
  27   Chu-Chien Hsu   Macoto Cobras
  28   Ying-Chieh Lin   Macoto Cobras
  29   Chi-Chia Yang   Macoto Cobras
  30   Ke-Fan Chen   Macoto Cobras
  31   Chao-Hui Wu   Macoto Cobras
  32   Hsiang-Kai Shih   Macoto Cobras
  33   Yi-Hsiang Lin   Macoto Cobras
  34   Min-Ching Lo   Macoto Cobras
  35   Ming-Jen Kuo   Macoto Cobras
  36   Shih-Yang Teng   Macoto Cobras
  37   Wilton Veras   Macoto Cobras
  38   Sheng-Chieh Hsu   Macoto Cobras
  39   Ching-Ho Chuang   Macoto Cobras
  40   Ching-Yi Cheng   Macoto Cobras
  41   Chia-Hsien Hsieh   Macoto Cobras
  42   Kao-Chun Huang   Macoto Cobras
  43   Mario Encarnacion   Macoto Cobras
  44   Yuan-Chia Chen   Macoto Cobras
  45   Chang-Jung Chiu   Macoto Cobras
  46   Jui-Chih Yang   Macoto Cobras
  47   Chien-Feng Ke   Macoto Cobras
  48   Cheng-Han Wu   Macoto Cobras
  49   Lung-Wei Kuo   Uni-President Lions
  50   Wei-Lun Pan   Uni-President Lions
  51   Chih-Chiang Chang   Uni-President Lions
  52   Chun-Yang Tsao   Uni-President Lions
  53   Yi-Cheng Tseng   Uni-President Lions
  54   Yang-Kai Chen   Uni-President Lions
  55   Michael Garcia   Uni-President Lions
  56   Cheng-Hua Kao   Uni-President Lions
  57   Kao-Chuan Yeh   Uni-President Lions
  58   Kuo-Ching Kao   Uni-President Lions
  59   Sen Yang   Uni-President Lions
  60   Tzu-Sung Wang   Uni-President Lions
  61   Tung-Yi Yang   Uni-President Lions
  62   Chia-Jung Wu   Uni-President Lions
  63   Yang-Chih Tseng   Uni-President Lions
  64   Darryl Brinkley   Uni-President Lions
  65   Hung-Yuan Lin   Uni-President Lions
  66   Chuan-Chia Wang   Uni-President Lions
  67   Lien-Hung Chen   Uni-President Lions
  68   Kan-Lin Huang   Uni-President Lions
  69   Fu-Hao Liu   Uni-President Lions
  70   Shih-Kai Chang   Brother Elephants
  71   Chun-Yi Wu   Brother Elephants
  72   Wei-Chuan Chuang   Brother Elephants
  73   Yi-Chuan Liu   Brother Elephants
  74   Chin-Li Wang   Brother Elephants
  75   Harold Woodman   Brother Elephants
  76   Jonathan Hurst   Brother Elephants
  77   Jen-Wen Hsiao   Brother Elephants
  78   Junichiro Mutoh   Brother Elephants
  79   Pao-Hsien Wu   Brother Elephants
  80   Chun-Nan Liu   Brother Elephants
  81   Shin Nakagomi   Brother Elephants
  82   Jui-Chang Chen   Brother Elephants
  83   Han-Li Cheng   Brother Elephants
  84   Yi-Feng Kuo   Brother Elephants
  85   Huai-Shan Chen   Brother Elephants
  86   Chin-Yung Wang   Brother Elephants
  87   Feng-An Tsai   Brother Elephants
  88   Hung-Sen Chu   Brother Elephants
  89   Jui-Chen Chen   Brother Elephants
  90   Min-Lan Hsu   Brother Elephants
  91   Sheng-Hsien Feng   Brother Elephants
  92   Cheng-Hsin Peng   Brother Elephants
  93   Chih-Wei Hsu   Brother Elephants
  94   Cheng-Min Peng   Brother Elephants
  95   Chih-Chieh Li   Brother Elephants
  96   Chih-Yuan Chen   Brother Elephants
  97   Kuo-Chin Wang   ChinaTrust Whales
  98   Chien-San Kao   ChinaTrust Whales
  99   Chao-Hao Tseng   ChinaTrust Whales
  100   Cheng-Hsun Hsien   ChinaTrust Whales


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