1912 Imperial Tobacco C46


  1   William O'Hara   Toronto Maple Leafs
  2   James McGinley   Toronto Maple Leafs
  3   Frenchy LeClaire   Montreal Royals
  4   John White   Buffalo Bisons
  5   James Murray   Buffalo Bisons
  6   Joe Ward   Rochester Hustlers
  7   Whitey Alperman   Rochester Hustlers
  8   Natty Nattress   Montreal Royals
  9   Fred Sline   Providence Grays
  10   Royal Rock   Providence Grays
  11   Ray Demmitt   Montreal Royals
  12   Butch Schmidt   Baltimore Orioles
  13   Sam Frock   Baltimore Orioles
  14   Fred Burchell   Montreal Royals
  15   Jack Kelley   Newark Indians
  16   Frank Barberbich   Providence Grays
  17   Frank Corridon   Buffalo Bisons
  18   Doc Adkins   Baltimore Orioles
  19   Jack Dunn   Baltimore Orioles
  20   James Walsh   Baltimore Orioles
  21   Charles Hanford   Montreal Royals
  22   Dick Rudolph   Toronto Maple Leafs
  23   Curt Elston   Providence Grays
  24   Carl Sitton   Montreal Royals
  25   Charlie French   Montreal Royals
  26   John Ganzel   Rochester Hustlers
  27   Joe Kelley   Toronto Maple Leafs
  28   Benny Meyer   Toronto Maple Leafs
  29   George Schirm   Buffalo Bisons
  30   William Purtell   Montreal Royals
  31   Bayard Sharpe   Buffalo Bisons
  32   Tony Smith   Toronto Maple Leafs
  33   John Lush   Toronto Maple Leafs
  34   William Collins   Newark Indians
  35   John Phelan   Providence Grays
  36   Edward Phelps   Toronto Maple Leafs
  37   Rube Vickers   Baltimore Orioles
  38   Cy Seymour   Baltimore Orioles
  39   Shadow Carroll   Montreal Royals
  40   Jake Gettman   Baltimore Orioles
  41   Luther Taylor   Montreal Royals
  42   Walter Justis   Jersey City Skeeters
  43   Robert Fisher   Newark Indians
  44   fred Parent   Baltimore Orioles
  45   James Dygert   Baltimore Orioles
  46   Johnnie Butler   Jersey City Skeeters
  47   Fred Mitchell   Buffalo Bisons
  48   Heinie Batch   Rochester Hustlers
  49   Michael Corcoran   Baltimore Orioles
  50   Edward Doescher   Jersey City Skeeters
  51   George H. Wheeler   Jersey City Skeeters
  52   Elijah Jones   Jersey City Skeeters
  53   Frank Truesdale   Buffalo Bisons
  54   Fred Beebe   Buffalo Bisons
  55   Louis Brockett   Buffalo Bisons
  56   Robert Wells   Jersey City Skeeters
  57   Lew McAllister   Buffalo Bisons
  58   Ralph Stroud   Buffalo Bisons
  59   Vernon Manser   Rochester Hustlers
  60   James Holmes   Rochester Hustlers
  61   Rube Dessau   Rochester Hustlers
  62   Fred Jacklitsch   Rochester Hustlers
  63   Stanley Graham   Rochester Hustlers
  64   Noah Henline   Baltimore Orioles
  65   Chick Gandil   Montreal Royals
  66   Salida Tom Hughes   Rochester Hustlers
  67   Joseph Delahanty   Toronto Maple Leafs
  68   George Pierce   Providence Grays
  69   Bob Gaunt   Baltimore Orioles
  70   Edward Fitzpatrick   Toronto Maple Leafs
  71   Wyatt Lee   Newark Indians
  72   Rube Kissinger   Jersey City Skeeters
  73   William Malarkey   Buffalo Bisons
  74   William Byers   Baltimore Orioles
  75   George Simmons   Rochester Hustlers
  76   Daniel Moeller   Rochester Hustlers
  77   Joseph McGinnity   Newark Indians
  78   Jack Hardy   Montreal Royals
  79   Bob Holmes   Newark Indians
  80   William Baxter   Buffalo Bisons
  81   Chester Spencer   Rochester Hustlers
  82   Bradley Kocher   Toronto Maple Leafs
  83   Al Shaw   Toronto Maple Leafs
  84   Joseph Yeager   Montreal Royals
  85   Tony Carlo   Newark Indians
  86   William Abstein   Jersey City Skeeters
  87   Tim Jordan   Toronto Maple Leafs
  88   Dick Breen   Jersey City Skeeters
  89   Lew Mccarty   Newark Indians
  90   Harry Curtis   Montreal Royals

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