1989 Bowman


  1   Oswaldo Peraza RC   Baltimore Orioles
  2   Brian Holton   Baltimore Orioles
  3   Jose Bautista RC   Baltimore Orioles
  4   Pete Harnisch RC   Baltimore Orioles
  5   Dave Schmidt   Baltimore Orioles
  6   Gregg Olson RC   Baltimore Orioles
  7   Jeff Ballard   Baltimore Orioles
  8   Bob Melvin   Baltimore Orioles
  9   Cal Ripken Jr.   Baltimore Orioles
  10   Randy Milligan   Baltimore Orioles
  11   Juan Bell RC   Baltimore Orioles
  12   Billy Ripken   Baltimore Orioles
  13   Jim Traber   Baltimore Orioles
  14   Pete Stanicek   Baltimore Orioles
  15   Steve Finley RC   Baltimore Orioles
  16   Larry Sheets   Baltimore Orioles
  17   Phil Bradley   Baltimore Orioles
  18   Brady Anderson RC   Baltimore Orioles
  19   Lee Smith   Boston Red Sox
  20   Tom Fischer RC   Boston Red Sox
  21   Mike Boddicker   Boston Red Sox
  22   Rob Murphy   Boston Red Sox
  23   Wes Gardner   Boston Red Sox
  24   John Dopson RC   Boston Red Sox
  25   Bob Stanley   Boston Red Sox
  26   Roger Clemens   Boston Red Sox
  27   Rich Gedman   Boston Red Sox
  28   Marty Barrett   Boston Red Sox
  29   Luis Rivera   Boston Red Sox
  30   Jody Reed   Boston Red Sox
  31   Nick Esasky   Boston Red Sox
  32   Wade Boggs   Boston Red Sox
  33   Jim Rice   Boston Red Sox
  34   Mike Greenwell   Boston Red Sox
  35   Dwight Evans   Boston Red Sox
  36   Ellis Burks   Boston Red Sox
  37   Chuck Finley   California Angels
  38   Kirk McCaskill   California Angels
  39   Jim Abbott RC   California Angels
  40   Bryan Harvey RC   California Angels
  41   Bert Blyleven   California Angels
  42   Mike Witt   California Angels
  43   Bob McClure   California Angels
  44   Bill Schroeder   California Angels
  45   Lance Parrish   California Angels
  46   Dick Schofield   California Angels
  47   Wally Joyner   California Angels
  48   Jack Howell   California Angels
  49   Johnny Ray   California Angels
  50   Chili Davis   California Angels
  51   Tony Armas   California Angels
  52   Claudell Washington   California Angels
  53   Brian Downing   California Angels
  54   Devon White   California Angels
  55   Bobby Thigpen   Chicago White Sox
  56   Bill Long   Chicago White Sox
  57   Jerry Reuss   Chicago White Sox
  58   Shawn Hillegas   Chicago White Sox
  59   Melido Perez   Chicago White Sox
  60   Jeff Bittiger RC   Chicago White Sox
  61   Jack McDowell   Chicago White Sox
  62   Carlton Fisk   Chicago White Sox
  63   Steve Lyons   Chicago White Sox
  64   Ozzie Guillen   Chicago White Sox
  65   Robin Ventura RC   Chicago White Sox
  66   Fred Manrique   Chicago White Sox
  67   Dan Pasqua   Chicago White Sox
  68   Ivan Calderon   Chicago White Sox
  69   Ron Kittle   Chicago White Sox
  70   Daryl Boston   Chicago White Sox
  71   Dave Gallagher RC   Chicago White Sox
  72   Harold Baines   Chicago White Sox
  73   Charles Nagy RC   Cleveland Indians
  74   John Farrell   Cleveland Indians
  75   Kevin Wickander RC   Cleveland Indians
  76   Greg Swindell   Cleveland Indians
  77   Mike C. Walker RC   Cleveland Indians
  78   Doug Jones   Cleveland Indians
  79   Rich Yett   Cleveland Indians
  80   Tom Candiotti   Cleveland Indians
  81   Jesse Orosco   Cleveland Indians
  82   Bud Black   Cleveland Indians
  83   Andy Allanson   Cleveland Indians
  84   Pete O'Brien   Cleveland Indians
  85   Jerry Browne   Cleveland Indians
  86   Brook Jacoby   Cleveland Indians
  87   Mark Lewis RC   Cleveland Indians
  88   Luis Aguayo   Cleveland Indians
  89   Cory Snyder   Cleveland Indians
  90   Oddibe McDowell   Cleveland Indians
  91   Joe Carter   Cleveland Indians
  92   Frank Tanana   Detroit Tigers
  93   Jack Morris   Detroit Tigers
  94   Doyle Alexander   Detroit Tigers
  95   Steve Searcy   Detroit Tigers
  96   Randy Bockus   Detroit Tigers
  97   Jeff M. Robinson   Detroit Tigers
  98   Mike Henneman   Detroit Tigers
  99   Paul Gibson RC   Detroit Tigers
  100   Frank Williams   Detroit Tigers

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