2015 Panini Flawless

Flawless Signatures Platinum


  S-AB   Antonio Brown AU, SN1   Pittsburgh Steelers
  S-AF   Antonio Freeman AU, SN1   Green Bay Packers
  S-AJ   Alshon Jeffery AU, SN1   Chicago Bears
  S-AR   Andre Reed AU, SN1   Buffalo Bills
  S-BG   Bob Griese AU, SN1   Miami Dolphins
  S-BU   Brian Urlacher AU, SN1   Chicago Bears
  S-CA   C.J. Anderson AU, SN1   Denver Broncos
  S-CJ   Charlie Joiner AU, SN1   San Diego Chargers
  S-DC   Derek Carr AU, SN1   Oakland Raiders
  S-DCL   Dallas Clark AU, SN1   Indianapolis Colts
  S-DH   Dan Hampton AU, SN1   Chicago Bears
  S-DM   Don Majkowski AU, SN1   Green Bay Packers
  S-DMC   Darren McFadden AU, SN1   Dallas Cowboys
  S-DT   Demaryius Thomas AU, SN1   Denver Broncos
  S-DW   Dwight Clark AU, SN1   San Francisco 49ers
  S-ED   Eric Decker AU, SN1   New York Jets
  S-ES   Emmanuel Sanders AU, SN1   Denver Broncos
  S-GO   Greg Olsen AU, SN1   Carolina Panthers
  S-HE   Herman Edwards AU, SN1   Philadelphia Eagles
  S-HM   Heath Miller AU, SN1   Pittsburgh Steelers
  S-JC   Jamaal Charles AU, SN1   Kansas City Chiefs
  S-JS   Jackie Smith AU, SN1   St. Louis Cardinals
  S-JY   Jay Cutler AU, SN1   Chicago Bears
  S-LK   Luke Kuechly AU, SN1   Carolina Panthers
  S-LM   Lamar Miller AU, SN1   Miami Dolphins
  S-MC   Marques Colston AU, SN1   New Orleans Saints
  S-MQ   Mike Quick AU, SN1   Philadelphia Eagles
  S-MS   Mike Singletary AU, SN1   Chicago Bears
  S-NF   Nick Foles AU, SN1   St. Louis Rams
  S-PH   Paul Hornung AU, SN1   Green Bay Packers
  S-PW   Paul Warfield AU, SN1   Miami Dolphins
  S-RC   Roger Craig AU, SN1   San Francisco 49ers
  S-RT   Ryan Tannehill AU, SN1   Miami Dolphins
  S-RW   Russell Wilson AU, SN1   Seattle Seahawks
  S-TR   Tony Romo AU, SN1   Dallas Cowboys

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