2000-01 British Ice Hockey Superleague BISL


  NNO   Header Card  
  NNO   Jim Lynch CO   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Paul Heavey ACO   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Philippe DeRouville   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Colin Ryder   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Trevor Doyle   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Derek Eberle   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Anders Hillstrom   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Jan Mikel   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Johan Silfwerplatz   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Scott Young   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Dino Bauba   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Cam Bristow   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Shawn Byram   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Ed Courtenay   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Tony Hand   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Rhett Gordon   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Mike Harding   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Mark Montanari   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Jonathan Weaver   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   Teeder Wynne   Ayr Scottish Eagles
  NNO   David Whistle CO   Belfast Giants
  NNO   Mark Cavallin   Belfast Giants
  NNO   Todd Kelman   Belfast Giants
  NNO   Kevin Riehl   Belfast Giants
  NNO   Paxton Schulte   Belfast Giants
  NNO   Colin Ward   Belfast Giants
  NNO   Jeff Hoad   Belfast Giants
  NNO   Shane Johnson   Belfast Giants
  NNO   Enio Sacilotto CO   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Brian Greer   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Joe Watkins   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Matej Bukna   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Jimmy Drolet   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Jason Mansoff   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Mark Matier   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Steve O'Rourke   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Reid Simonton   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Brent Bobyck   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Chris Brant   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Mark Bultje   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Joe Cardarelli   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Dan Ceman   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Joe Ciccarello   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Darren Hurley   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Blake Knox   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Stephane Roy   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Brad Wingfield   Bracknell Bees
  NNO   Doug McCarthy   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Troy Walkington   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Stevie Lyle   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Derek Herlofsky   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Frank Evans   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Kip Noble   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Clayton Norris   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Dwight Parrish   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Alan Schuler   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Rick Strachan   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Denis Chasse   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Jamie Hanlon   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Rick Kowalsky   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Ivan Matulik   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Ian McIntyre   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Steve Moria   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   John Parco   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Vezio Sacratini   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Steve Thornton   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Mike Ware   Cardiff Devils
  NNO   Chris McSorley CO   London Knights
  NNO   Trevor Robins   London Knights
  NNO   Shawn Silver   London Knights
  NNO   Rich Bronilla   London Knights
  NNO   Aaron Boh   London Knights
  NNO   Neal Martin   London Knights
  NNO   Randy Perry   London Knights
  NNO   Mikael Tjallden   London Knights
  NNO   Nicky Chinn   London Knights
  NNO   Pat Ferschweiler   London Knights
  NNO   Claude Jutras   London Knights
  NNO   Mikko Koivunoro   London Knights
  NNO   Mark Kolesar   London Knights
  NNO   Jay Neal   London Knights
  NNO   Bryan Richardson   London Knights
  NNO   Paul Rushforth   London Knights
  NNO   David Vallieres   London Knights
  NNO   Darby Walker   London Knights
  NNO   Brendan Yarema   London Knights
  NNO   Terry Christensen CO   Manchester Storm
  NNO   Daryl Lipsey ACO   Manchester Storm
  NNO   Frank Pietrangelo   Manchester Storm
  NNO   David Trofimenkoff   Manchester Storm
  NNO   Curtis Bowen   Manchester Storm
  NNO   Matt Eldred   Manchester Storm
  NNO   Perry Johnson   Manchester Storm
  NNO   Troy Neumeier   Manchester Storm
  NNO   Rob Robinson   Manchester Storm
  NNO   Blair Scott   Manchester Storm
  NNO   Pierre Allard   Manchester Storm
  NNO   Kevin Brown   Manchester Storm
  NNO   Greg Bullock   Manchester Storm


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