1914 Zeenut


  NNO   Harry Ables   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Bill Abstein   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Walt Alexander   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Carl Arbogast   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Frank Arellanes UER   Sacramento Wolves
  NNO   Pop Arlett   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Dave Bancroft   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Bill Barenkamp UER   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Wayne Barham   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Carroll Barton   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Charles Baum   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Dick Bayless   Venice Tigers
  NNO   Jack Bliss VAR
VAR: Large pose
  Venice Tigers
  NNO   Jack Bliss VAR
VAR: Small pose
  Venice Tigers
  NNO   Walter Boles   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Babe Borton   Venice Tigers
  NNO   Roy Brashear   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Sam Brenegan   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Clarence Brooks   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Roy Brown   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Willis Butler   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Jack Calvo   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Walter Carlisle   Venice Tigers
  NNO   Walt Cartwright   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Chappy Charles   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Charlie Chech   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Tyler Christian   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Nig Clarke   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Eddie Colligan   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Al Cook   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Roy Corhan   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Bert Coy   Sacramento Wolves
  NNO   Roy Crabb   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Bobby Davis   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Frank Decanniere UER   Venice Tigers
  NNO   Fred Derrick   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Art Devlin   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Pop Dillon   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Walt Doan UER   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Red Downs   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Howard Ehmke   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Rowdy Elliott   Venice Tigers
  NNO   Rube Ellis   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Rube Evans   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Charles Fanning   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Gus Fisher   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Mike Fitzgerald   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Earl Fleharty   Venice Tigers
  NNO   Fred Frambach   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Rube Gardner   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Joe Gedeon   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Rube Geyer   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Joe Giannini   Sacramento Wolves
  NNO   Howie Gregory   Sacramento Wolves
  NNO   Art Guest   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Ed Hallinan   Sacramento Wolves
  NNO   Truck Hannah   Sacramento Wolves
  NNO   Spec Harkness   Venice Tigers
  NNO   Howie Haworth VAR
VAR: Batting
  Portland Beavers
  NNO   Howie Haworth VAR
VAR: Catching
  Portland Beavers
  NNO   Ben Henderson   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Cack Henley   Venice Tigers
  NNO   Sam Hern   Sacramento Wolves
  NNO   August Hetling UER   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Irv Higginbotham   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Roy Hitt   Venice Tigers
  NNO   Wallace Hogan   Venice Tigers
  NNO   Franz Hosp VAR
VAR: Large pose
  Venice Tigers
  NNO   Franz Hosp VAR
VAR: Small pose
  Venice Tigers
  NNO   Del Howard   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Harry Hughes   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Long Tom Hughes   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Ernie Johnson   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   John Kane   Venice Tigers
  NNO   Ted Kaylor   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Jack Killilay   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Al Klawitter   Sacramento Wolves
  NNO   Ed Klepfer   Venice Tigers
  NNO   Art Kores   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Ray Kremer UER   Sacramento Wolves
  NNO   Harry Krause   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Bill Leard VAR
VAR: Large pose
  Venice Tigers
  NNO   Bill Leard VAR
VAR: Small pose
  Venice Tigers
  NNO   Lefty Leifield   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Lou Litschi   Venice Tigers
  NNO   Ty Lober   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Bert Loomis   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Slim Love   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Byrd Lynn   Sacramento Wolves
  NNO   Harl Maggert   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Bill Malarkey   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Elmer Martinoni   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Harry McArdle   Venice Tigers
  NNO   Judge McCredie MGR   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Clarence McDonnell UER   Venice Tigers
  NNO   Herman Meek   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Paul Meloan   Venice Tigers
  NNO   Billy Menges   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   George Metzger   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Robert Middleton   Oakland Oaks


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