1929 Zeenut


  NNO   Bill Albert   Hollywood Stars
  NNO   Lou Almada   Seattle Indians
  NNO   Andy Anderson   Seattle Indians
  NNO   Roy Anton   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Lonny Backer   Sacramento Senators
  NNO   Lonny Baker   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Red Baldwin   Mission Reds
  NNO   Dave Barbee   Seattle Indians
  NNO   Clyde Barfoot   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Johnny Bassler   Hollywood Stars
  NNO   Charles Bates   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Wally Berger   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   George Boehler   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Ike Boone   Mission Reds
  NNO   Charles Borreani   Seattle Indians
  NNO   Bill Brenzel   Mission Reds
  NNO   Mandy Brooks   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Ray Brubaker   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Eddie Bryan   Sacramento Senators
  NNO   Billy Burke   Sacramento Senators
  NNO   Howard Burkett   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Leo Burns   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Joe Bush   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Johnny Butler   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Dolph Camilli   Sacramento Senators
  NNO   Cleo Carlyle   Hollywood Stars
  NNO   Roy Carlyle   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Joe Cascarella   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Ike Caveney   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Harry Child UER   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Cuckoo Christensen   Mission Reds
  NNO   Bert Cole   Mission Reds
  NNO   Hap Collard   Seattle Indians
  NNO   Guy Cooper   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Johnny Couch   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Frank Cox   Seattle Indians
  NNO   Howard Craghead   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Doc Crandall   Sacramento Senators
  NNO   Jim Cronin   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Frank Crosetti   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Pete Daglia   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Curt Davis   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Monroe Dean   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Carl Dittmar   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Jerry Donovan   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Marty Dumovich   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Ox Eckhardt   Seattle Indians
  NNO   Chick Ellsworth   Seattle Indians
  NNO   Jack Fenton   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Mickey Finn   Mission Reds
  NNO   Al Fisch   Seattle Indians
  NNO   Tom Flynn   Sacramento Senators
  NNO   Foy Frazier   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Tony Freitas   Sacramento Senators
  NNO   Ray French   Sacramento Senators
  NNO   Glen Gabler   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Val Glynn   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Lefty Gomez   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Al Gould   Sacramento Senators
  NNO   Tony Governor   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Skinny Graham   Seattle Indians
  NNO   Harvey Hand   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Truck Hannah MGR   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Andrew Harris   Sacramento Senators
  NNO   Mickey Heath   Hollywood Stars
  NNO   Clarence Heatherly   Seattle Indians
  NNO   Ernie Hepting   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Mack Hillis   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Fred Hofmann UER   Mission Reds
  NNO   Carl Holling   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Wally Hood   Seattle Indians
  NNO   Andy House   Seattle Indians
  NNO   Ivan Howard MGR   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Bill Hubbell   Mission Reds
  NNO   Fuzzy Hufft   Mission Reds
  NNO   Bobby Hurst   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Elmer Jacobs   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Ray Jacobs   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Art Jahn   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Charley Jeffcoat   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   E.R. Johnson MGR   Seattle Indians
  NNO   Smead Jolley   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Bob Jones   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Gordon L. Jones   San Francisco Seals
  NNO   Rudy Kallio   Seattle Indians
  NNO   Charley Kasich   Oakland Oaks
  NNO   Jack Keane   Mission Reds
  NNO   Ray Keating   Sacramento Senators
  NNO   Jim Keesey   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Red Killefer MGR, UER   Mission Reds
  NNO   Jack Knight   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Fritz Knothe   Portland Beavers
  NNO   Jack Knott   Mission Reds
  NNO   Art Koehler   Sacramento Senators
  NNO   Tony Krasovich   Sacramento Senators
  NNO   Harry Krause   Mission Reds
  NNO   Marty Krug UER, MGR   Hollywood Stars
  NNO   Marty Krug MGR   Los Angeles Angels
  NNO   Earl Kunz   Sacramento Senators
  NNO   Sam Langford   San Francisco Seals


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