2017 Topps Heritage

1968 Mint Relics Quarter


  68MINT-AK   Al Kaline SN5   Detroit Tigers
  68MINT-AM   Andrew McCutchen SN5   Pittsburgh Pirates
  68MINT-AP   Albert Pujols SN5   Los Angeles Angels
  68MINT-AR   Anthony Rizzo SN5   Chicago Cubs
  68MINT-BH   Bryce Harper SN5   Washington Nationals
  68MINT-BP   Buster Posey SN5   San Francisco Giants
  68MINT-BR   Brooks Robinson SN5   Baltimore Orioles
  68MINT-BW   Billy Williams SN5   Chicago Cubs
  68MINT-CC   Carlos Correa SN5   Houston Astros
  68MINT-CK   Clayton Kershaw SN5   Los Angeles Dodgers
  68MINT-CS   Chris Sale SN5   Chicago White Sox
  68MINT-CSE   Corey Seager SN5   Los Angeles Dodgers
  68MINT-CY   Carl Yastrzemski SN5   Boston Red Sox
  68MINT-DO   David Ortiz SN5   Boston Red Sox
  68MINT-DP   David Price SN5   Boston Red Sox
  68MINT-EH   Eric Hosmer SN5   Kansas City Royals
  68MINT-FH   Felix Hernandez SN5   Seattle Mariners
  68MINT-FJ   Fergie Jenkins SN5   Chicago Cubs
  68MINT-FR   Frank Robinson SN5   Baltimore Orioles
  68MINT-GS   Giancarlo Stanton SN5   Miami Marlins
  68MINT-HA   Hank Aaron SN5   Atlanta Braves
  68MINT-HK   Harmon Killebrew SN5   Minnesota Twins
  68MINT-JA   Jake Arrieta SN5   Chicago Cubs
  68MINT-JB   Johnny Bench SN5   Cincinnati Reds
  68MINT-JDO   Josh Donaldson SN5   Toronto Blue Jays
  68MINT-JM   Joe Morgan SN5   Houston Astros
  68MINT-JP   Jim Palmer SN5   Baltimore Orioles
  68MINT-JV   Justin Verlander SN5   Detroit Tigers
  68MINT-KB   Kris Bryant SN5   Chicago Cubs
  68MINT-KM   Kenta Maeda SN5   Los Angeles Dodgers
  68MINT-LB   Lou Brock SN5   St. Louis Cardinals
  68MINT-MB   Madison Bumgarner SN5   San Francisco Giants
  68MINT-MC   Miguel Cabrera SN5   Detroit Tigers
  68MINT-MK   Matt Kemp SN5   Atlanta Braves
  68MINT-MM   Manny Machado SN5   Baltimore Orioles
  68MINT-MS   Max Scherzer SN5   Washington Nationals
  68MINT-MT   Masahiro Tanaka SN5   New York Yankees
  68MINT-MTR   Mike Trout SN5   Los Angeles Angels
  68MINT-NA   Nolan Arenado SN5   Colorado Rockies
  68MINT-NR   Nolan Ryan SN5   New York Mets
  68MINT-NS   Noah Syndergaard SN5   New York Mets
  68MINT-OC   Orlando Cepeda SN5   St. Louis Cardinals
  68MINT-RCA   Rod Carew SN5   Minnesota Twins
  68MINT-RJ   Reggie Jackson SN5   Oakland Athletics
  68MINT-SC   Steve Carlton SN5   St. Louis Cardinals
  68MINT-SS   Stephen Strasburg SN5   Washington Nationals
  68MINT-WM   Willie McCovey SN5   San Francisco Giants
  68MINT-WS   Willie Stargell SN5   Pittsburgh Pirates
  68MINT-YC   Yoenis Cespedes SN5   New York Mets
  68MINT-YD   Yu Darvish SN5   Texas Rangers

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