2017 Fleer Ultra Marvel Spider-Man

Preserved Amber Full Color


  PA1   Venom SN5  
  PA2   Jackpot SN5  
  PA3   Jackal SN5  
  PA4   Tinkerer SN5  
  PA5   Vulture SN5  
  PA6   Doctor Strange SN5  
  PA7   Green Goblin SN5  
  PA8   Kaine SN5  
  PA9   Mary Jane Parker SN5  
  PA10   Lizard SN5  
  PA11   Kingpin SN5  
  PA12   Sandman SN5  
  PA13   Mr. Negative SN5  
  PA14   Boomerang SN5  
  PA15   Morbius SN5  
  PA16   Rhino SN5  
  PA17   Punisher SN5  
  PA18   Daredevil SN5  
  PA19   Spider-Woman SN5  
  PA20   J. Jonah Jameson SN5  
  PA21   Luke Cage SN5  
  PA22   Black Cat SN5  
  PA23   Hammerhead SN5  
  PA24   Chameleon SN5  
  PA25   Deadpool SN5  
  PA26   Carnage SN5  
  PA27   Hobgoblin SN5  
  PA28   Alistair Smythe SN5  
  PA29   Deathlok SN5  
  PA30   Spider-Man SN5  

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