1957 Parkhurst Adventures of Radisson (V339-1)


  1   Pierre Esprit Radisson was born in 1637  
  2   Pierre Radisson was one of the early Canadian  
  3   Des Groseilliers was Radisson's brother-in-law  
  4   Des Groseilliers, often referred to  
  5   Des Groseilliers was Radisson's brother-in-law  
  6   Radisson and Groseilliers during their  
  7   The Governor of Three Rivers, when he heard  
  8   The Governor of Three Rivers represented  
  9   These are the French Noblemen  
  10   When Radisson and Groseilliers returned  
  11   The Noblemen prepare to leave Three Rivers  
  12   The Noblemen from France know nothing  
  13   The Iroquois Indians attack the party  
  14   The Noblemen bid "adieu" to Radisson  
  15   Radisson Captured by Iroquois  
  16   When Radisson was first captured  
  17   Radisson is an adopted member of the tribe  
  18   This is Mojida the Huron chieftain  
  19   Onenga was the blood-brother of Radison  
  20   Radisson talks to one of the Huron Warriors  
  21   Radisson meets a friendly Indian on his return  
  22   Radisson, Groseilliers, and the Hurons fight  
  23   Radisson leads the attack on the Iroquois  
  24   Groseilliers and the Hurons kill an Iroquois  
  25   After Radisson had left the sick Groseilliers  
  26   The Hurons threaten to get rid of Radisson  
  27   Radisson and Groseilliers fight off the coward  
  28   The subdued and cowardly Hurons  
  29   Radisson in his birchbark canoe scouts ahead  
  30   Radisson has scouted the Iroquois  
  31   A bloody skirmish starts with the Iroquois  
  32   Radisson runs to the attack  
  33   Radisson arrives home in Three Rivers  
  34   Radisson tells Groseilliers of his plans  
  35   When the Governor of Three Rivers  
  36   Radisson scouts the shore on the trip north  
  37   Radisson greets the friendly Hurons again  
  38   The Hurons, after the victory over the Iroquois  
  39   Iroquois on the warpath  
  40   Iroquois see Radisson escaping  
  41   Soon the chill winter approaches  
  42   The Hurons became lazy  
  43   The Hurons blame Radisson  
  44   Radisson and Groseilliers hear Mojida's call  
  45   During the long winter  
  46   Mojida recovers and helps Radisson  
  47   A beautiful Indian girl  
  48   Radisson knows what is going on  
  49   Carrying the beautiful Huron  
  50   Radisson has gone quietly in the night  

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