1990 Victoria Gallery Reprint John Player & Sons Aeroplanes (Civil)


  1   Airspeed “Courier“ (Great Britain)  
  2   Airspeed “Envoy” (Great Britain)  
  3   Armstrong Whitworth "”rgosy” (Great Britain)  
  4   Armstrong Whitworth XV (Great Britain)  
  5   Avro “Commodore” (Great Britain)  
  6   Avro 642 (Great Britain)  
  7   Cierva Autogiro C.30.P (Great Britain)  
  8   Comper “Swift” (Great Britain)  
  9   De Havilland “Comet” (Great Britain)  
  10   De Havilland “Express Air Liner” (Great Britain)  
  11   De Havilland “Dragon-Six” (Great Britain)  
  12   De Havilland “Moth-Major” (Great Britain)  
  13   De Havilland “Leopard Moth” (Great Britain)  
  14   Handley Page (Great Britain)  
  15   British Klemm “Eagle” (Great Britain)  
  16   Miles “Hawk Major” (Great Britain)  
  17   Monospar S.T.10 (Great Britain)  
  18   Percival “Gull” (Great Britain)  
  19   Saro “Cloud” (Great Britain)  
  20   Short “Scion” (Great Britain)  
  21   Short “Syrinx” (Great Britain)  
  22   Spartan “Cruiser” (Great Britain)  
  23   Westland “Wessex” (Great Britain)  
  24   Breguet 280T Air Liner (France)  
  25   Caudron Monoplane (France)  
  26   Dewoitine D-332 Air Liner (France)  
  27   Farman F-430 Cabin Monoplane (France)  
  28   Wibault Air Liner (France)  
  29   Aeronca Monoplane (USA)  
  30   “Beechcraft” Cabin Biplane (USA)  
  31   Bellanca Racer (USA)  
  32   Douglas DC-2 “Transport” (USA)  
  33   Ford Air Liner (USA)  
  34   Gee Bee “Super Sportster” (USA)  
  35   Lambert Monocoupe (USA)  
  36   Lockheed “Vega” (USA)  
  37   Northrop Monoplane (USA)  
  38   Sikorsky Amphibian (USA)  
  39   Waco “UIC” Cabin Biplane (USA)  
  40   Dornier “DO X” (Germany)  
  41   Dornier “Wal” (Germany)  
  42   Heinkel H.E.70A (Germany)  
  43   Junkers G.38 (Germany)  
  44   Junkers Ju 52/3m (Germany)  
  45   Klemm L25 (Germany)  
  46   Savoia-Marchetti S.66 (Italy)  
  47   Savoia-Marchetti S.71 (Italy)  
  48   Fokker F.XVIII (Holland)  
  49   Pander EG 100 Biplane (Holland)  
  50   Orta-Saint-Hubert Monoplane (Belgium)  

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