1949 Bowman


  1   Vern Bickford RC   Boston Braves
  2   Whitey Lockman   New York Giants
  3   Bob Porterfield RC   New York Yankees
  4a   Jerry Priddy RC   St. Louis Browns
  4b   Jerry Priddy RC, VAR   St. Louis Browns
  5   Hank Sauer   Cincinnati Reds
  6   Phil Cavarretta RC   Chicago Cubs
  7   Joe Dobson RC   Boston Red Sox
  8   Murry Dickson RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  9   Ferris Fain   Philadelphia Athletics
  10   Ted Gray RC   Detroit Tigers
  11   Lou Boudreau RC, MGR   Cleveland Indians
  12   Cass Michaels RC   Chicago White Sox
  13   Bob Chesnes RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  14   Curt Simmons RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  15   Ned Garver RC   St. Louis Browns
  16   Al Kozar RC   Washington Senators
  17   Earl Torgeson RC   Boston Braves
  18   Bobby Thomson   New York Giants
  19   Bobby Brown RC   New York Yankees
  20   Gene Hermanski RC   Brooklyn Dodgers
  21   Frank Baumholtz RC, UER   Cincinnati Reds
  22   Peanuts Lowrey RC   Chicago Cubs
  23   Bobby Doerr   Boston Red Sox
  24   Stan Musial   St. Louis Cardinals
  25   Carl Scheib RC   Philadelphia Athletics
  26   George Kell RC   Detroit Tigers
  27   Bob Feller   Cleveland Indians
  28   Don Kolloway RC   Chicago White Sox
  29   Ralph Kiner   Pittsburgh Pirates
  30   Andy Seminick RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  31   Dick Kokos RC   St. Louis Browns
  32   Eddie Yost RC   Washington Senators
  33   Warren Spahn   Boston Braves
  34   Dave Koslo   New York Giants
  35   Vic Raschi RC   New York Yankees
  36   Pee Wee Reese   Brooklyn Dodgers
  37   Johnny Wyrostek   Cincinnati Reds
  38   Emil Verban   Chicago Cubs
  39   Billy Goodman RC   Boston Red Sox
  40   Red Munger RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  41   Lou Brissie RC   Philadelphia Athletics
  42   Walter Evers RC   Detroit Tigers
  43   Dale Mitchell RC   Cleveland Indians
  44   Dave Philley RC   Chicago White Sox
  45   Wally Westlake RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  46   Robin Roberts RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  47   Johnny Sain   Boston Braves
  48   Willard Marshall   New York Giants
  49   Spec Shea   New York Yankees
  50   Jackie Robinson RC   Brooklyn Dodgers
  51   Herm Wehmeier   Cincinnati Reds
  52   Johnny Schmitz RC   Chicago Cubs
  53   Jack Kramer RC   Boston Red Sox
  54   Marty Marion   St. Louis Cardinals
  55   Eddie Joost   Philadelphia Athletics
  56   Pat Mullin RC   Detroit Tigers
  57   Gene Bearden RC   Cleveland Indians
  58   Bob Elliott   Boston Braves
  59   Jack Lohrke   New York Giants
  60   Yogi Berra   New York Yankees
  61   Rex Barney   Brooklyn Dodgers
  62   Grady Hatton RC   Cincinnati Reds
  63   Andy Pafko RC   Chicago Cubs
  64   Dom DiMaggio   Boston Red Sox
  65   Enos Slaughter   St. Louis Cardinals
  66   Elmer Valo RC   Philadelphia Athletics
  67   Alvin Dark RC, UER   Boston Braves
  68   Sheldon Jones   New York Giants
  69   Tommy Henrich   New York Yankees
  70   Carl Furillo RC   Brooklyn Dodgers
  71   Vern Stephens RC   Boston Red Sox
  72   Tommy Holmes RC   Boston Braves
  73   Billy Cox RC   Brooklyn Dodgers
  74   Tom McBride RC   Washington Senators
  75   Eddie Mayo RC   Detroit Tigers
  76   Bill Nicholson RC   Chicago Cubs
  77   Ernie Bonham RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  78a   Sam Zoldak RC   Cleveland Indians
  78b   Sam Zoldak RC, VAR   Cleveland Indians
  79   Ron Northey RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  80   Bill McCahan   Philadelphia Athletics
  81   Virgil Stallcup RC   Cincinnati Reds
  82   Joe Page   New York Yankees
  83a   Bob Scheffing RC   Chicago Cubs
  83b   Bob Scheffing RC, VAR   Chicago Cubs
  84   Roy Campanella RC   Brooklyn Dodgers
  85a   Johnny Mize   New York Giants
  85b   Johnny Mize VAR   New York Giants
  86   Johnny Pesky RC   Boston Red Sox
  87   Randy Gumpert RC   New York Yankees
  88a   Bill Salkeld RC   Boston Braves
  88b   Bill Salkeld RC, VAR   Boston Braves
  89   Mizell Platt RC   St. Louis Browns
  90   Gil Coan RC   Washington Senators
  91   Dick Wakefield RC   Detroit Tigers
  92   Willie Jones RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  93   Ed Stevens RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  94   James Vernon RC   Cleveland Indians
  95   Howie Pollet RC   St. Louis Cardinals


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