1993 Dynamic Marketing Disney’s Aladdin


  1   Don’t be fooled by its appearance  
  2   The Scarab Medallion  
  3   Only one may enter  
  4   That would be the life  
  5   Palace full of problems  
  6   I’ll miss you, Rajah  
  7   Rajah tries to stop Jasmine  
  8   Dreaming of a better life  
  9   Exciting Agrabah  
  10   Jasmine discovers the markets  
  11   Breakfast time  
  12   But, I don’t have any money  
  13   A room with a view  
  14   Jaffa And Iago need Aladdin  
  15   The palace guards find Aladdin  
  16   Leaping from the roof  
  17   He didn’t kidnap me!  
  18   I didn’t even know his name  
  19   The palace dungeon  
  20   The evil Jafar in disguise  
  21   Checklist 1  
  22   Inside the cave of wonders  
  23   The magic carpet follows Abu  
  24   The carpet hides from Abu  
  25   Can you help us find the lamp?  
  26   Aladdin finds the magic lamp  
  27   Abu is hypnotised  
  28   Almost within reach  
  29   Abu grabs the giant jewel  
  30   Aladdin’s magic carpet ride  
  31   Aladdin clings to freedom  
  32   First give me the lamp  
  33   Now for my next magic trick  
  34   There’s something written on it  
  35   The Genie takes shape  
  36   Can I fall you Al?  
  37   So what will it be, Master?  
  38   No wishing for more wishes  
  39Its   the only way to travel  
  40   Just wait till I’m Queen  
  41   Meanwhile, just outside Agrabah  
  42   What would you wish for?  
  43   Could I be a Prince?  
  44   The First wish  
  45   Abu, is that really you?  
  46   Jafars evil plan  
  47   Why, that’s me, surprise, surprise  
  48   You will order the Princess  
  49   The giant peacock float  
  50   Prince Ali Ababwa arrives  
  51   Genie joins the harem girls  
  52   Watching the parade  
  53   I have journeyed from afar  
  54   What a remarkable device  
  55   Jafar and Iago watch silently  
  56   Aladdin visits Princess Jasmine  
  57   Rajah leaps at Aladdin  
  58   You should be free to choose  
  59   Want to go for a magic carpet ride  
  60Soaring   hearts  
  61   More fireworks  
  62   Goodnight, my handsome prince  
  63   Grabbed from behind  
  64   Make sure he is never found  
  65   The second wish  
  66   Safely back on dry land  
  67   ..... Thinking about Aladdin  
  68   Jafars treachery is exposed  
  69   Guards, arrest Jafar at once!  
  70   The Sultan smiles with delight  
  71   Jafar has an evil master plan  
  72   Broken promises  
  73   Checklist 2  
  74   The Genie disappears into the lamp  
  75   Iago steals the magic lamp for Jafar  
  76   I’ve been looking all over for you  
  77   The Genie has a new master  
  78   I was afraid of that  
  79   Jafars first wish is granted  
  80   Jafars second wish is granted  
  81   Aladdin is no longer a prince  
  82   Somehow, I’ve got to go back  
  83   Lets get out of this place  
  84   Jasmine is kept captive  
  85   Jasmine buys time for Aladdin  
  86   Time is running out for Jasmine  
  87   Aladdin battles the evil Jafar  
  88   A giant cobra named Jafar  
  89   Still just second best  
  90   Jafars third wish  
  91   The end for Jafar  
  92   Aladdin saves the day  
  93   A life sentence for Jafar  
  94   Agrabah returns to normal  
  95   I must stop pretending  
  96   I’m off to see the world  
  97   The Sultans new law  
  98   Big group hug  
  99   The Genie bids farewell  
  100   Wishes come true  

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