2018 Topps Allen & Ginter

Fantasy Goldmine 5x7


  FG-1   Hank Aaron SN49   Atlanta Braves
  FG-2   Cal Ripken Jr. SN49   Baltimore Orioles
  FG-3   Jackie Robinson SN49   Brooklyn Dodgers
  FG-4   Sandy Koufax SN49   Los Angeles Dodgers
  FG-5   Nolan Ryan SN49   Texas Rangers
  FG-6   Bo Jackson SN49   Kansas City Royals
  FG-7   Babe Ruth SN49   New York Yankees
  FG-8   Derek Jeter SN49   New York Yankees
  FG-9   Mariano Rivera SN49   New York Yankees
  FG-10   Mark McGwire SN49   Oakland Athletics
  FG-11   Roberto Clemente SN49   Pittsburgh Pirates
  FG-12   Honus Wagner SN49   Pittsburgh Pirates
  FG-13   George Brett SN49   Kansas City Royals
  FG-14   Frank Thomas SN49   Chicago White Sox
  FG-15   Greg Maddux SN49   Atlanta Braves
  FG-16   Randy Johnson SN49   Seattle Mariners
  FG-17   Pedro Martinez SN49   Boston Red Sox
  FG-18   Reggie Jackson SN49   New York Yankees
  FG-19   Ted Williams SN49   Boston Red Sox
  FG-20   Jimmie Foxx SN49   Boston Red Sox
  FG-21   Ernie Banks SN49   Chicago Cubs
  FG-22   Ryne Sandberg SN49   Chicago Cubs
  FG-23   Chipper Jones SN49   Atlanta Braves
  FG-24   Wade Boggs SN49   Boston Red Sox
  FG-25   Don Mattingly SN49   New York Yankees
  FG-26   Barry Larkin SN49   Cincinnati Reds
  FG-27   Nomar Garciaparra SN49   Boston Red Sox
  FG-28   Ozzie Smith SN49   St. Louis Cardinals
  FG-29   John Smoltz SN49   Atlanta Braves
  FG-30   Andy Pettitte SN49   New York Yankees
  FG-31   Roberto Alomar SN49   Cleveland Indians
  FG-32   Ty Cobb SN49   Detroit Tigers
  FG-33   Lou Gehrig SN49   New York Yankees
  FG-34   Johnny Bench SN49   Cincinnati Reds
  FG-35   Rickey Henderson SN49   Oakland Athletics
  FG-36   Hideki Matsui SN49   New York Yankees
  FG-37   Tom Seaver SN49   New York Mets
  FG-38   Jim Palmer SN49   Baltimore Orioles
  FG-39   Willie McCovey SN49   San Francisco Giants
  FG-40   Jim Thome SN49   Cleveland Indians
  FG-41   Brooks Robinson SN49   Baltimore Orioles
  FG-42   Al Kaline SN49   Detroit Tigers
  FG-43   Lou Brock SN49   St. Louis Cardinals
  FG-44   Mike Piazza SN49   New York Mets
  FG-45   Roger Clemens SN49   Boston Red Sox
  FG-46   Rod Carew SN49   Minnesota Twins
  FG-47   Steve Carlton SN49   St. Louis Cardinals
  FG-48   Ivan Rodriguez SN49   Texas Rangers
  FG-49   Ichiro SN49   Seattle Mariners
  FG-50   Bob Gibson SN49   St. Louis Cardinals

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