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  OS1   Boston Red Sox PR498   Boston Red Sox
  OS2   Alex Cora PR573   Boston Red Sox
  OS2A   Alex Cora AU, SN99   Boston Red Sox
  OS2B   Alex Cora AU, SN49   Boston Red Sox
  OS2C   Alex Cora AU, SN25   Boston Red Sox
  OS2D   Alex Cora AU, SN10   Boston Red Sox
  OS2E   Alex Cora AU, SN5   Boston Red Sox
  OS2F   Alex Cora AU, SN1   Boston Red Sox
  OS03   Mookie Betts PR572   Boston Red Sox
  OS04   Jose Ramirez PR171   Cleveland Indians
  OS05   Mike Trout PR496   Los Angeles Angels
  OS06   Nolan Arenado PR171   Colorado Rockies
  OS07   Javier Baez PR418   Chicago Cubs
  OS08   Christian Yelich PR340   Milwaukee Brewers
  OS09   Corey Kluber PR144   Cleveland Indians
  OS10   Blake Snell PR281   Tampa Bay Rays
  OS11   Justin Verlander PR193   Houston Astros
  OS12   Jacob deGrom PR590   New York Mets
  OS13   Aaron Nola PR255   Philadelphia Phillies
  OS14   Max Scherzer PR229   Washington Nationals
  OS15   Miguel Andujar RC, PR991   New York Yankees
  OS16   Shohei Ohtani RC, PR2308   Los Angeles Angels
  OS17   Gleyber Torres RC, PR1017   New York Yankees
  OS18   Ronald Acuna Jr. RC, PR1706   Atlanta Braves
  OS19   Walker Buehler RC, PR724   Los Angeles Dodgers
  OS20   Juan Soto RC, PR1052   Washington Nationals
  OS21   Zack Greinke PR150   Arizona Diamondbacks
  OS22   Mike Zunino PR149   Seattle Mariners
  OS23   Freddie Freeman PR226   Atlanta Braves
  OS24   DJ LeMahieu PR149   Colorado Rockies
  OS25   Matt Chapman PR203   Oakland Athletics
  OS26   Andrelton Simmons PR182   Los Angeles Angels
  OS27   Alex Gordon PR178   Kansas City Royals
  OS28   Kevin Kiermaier PR160   Tampa Bay Rays
  OS29   Mookie Betts PR319   Boston Red Sox
  OS30   Arizona Diamondbacks PR102   Arizona Diamondbacks
  OS31   Ronald Acuna Jr. / Juan Soto RC, PR946   Atlanta Braves / Washington Nationals
  OS31A   Ronald Acuna Jr. / Juan Soto MEM, RC, SN10   Atlanta Braves / Washington Nationals
  OS31B   Ronald Acuna Jr. / Juan Soto MEM, RC, SN5   Atlanta Braves / Washington Nationals
  OS31C   Ronald Acuna Jr. / Juan Soto MEM, RC, SN1   Atlanta Braves / Washington Nationals
  OS32   Yadier Molina / Juan Soto / JT Realmuto / Ronald Acuna Jr. PR407   St. Louis Cardinals / Washington Nationals / Miami Marlins / Atlanta Braves
  OS33   Salvador Perez / J.T. Realmuto PR180   Kansas City Royals / Miami Marlins
  OS34   Jose Abreu / Paul Goldschmidt PR166   Chicago White Sox / Arizona Diamondbacks
  OS35   Jose Altuve / Javier Baez PR280   Houston Astros / Chicago Cubs
  OS36   Jose Ramirez / Nolan Arenado PR183   Cleveland Indians / Colorado Rockies
  OS37   Francisco Lindor / Trevor Story PR197   Cleveland Indians / Colorado Rockies
  OS38   Mike Trout / Nick Markakis PR295   Los Angeles Angels / Atlanta Braves
  OS39   Mookie Betts / David Peralta PR203   Boston Red Sox / Arizona Diamondbacks
  OS40   J.D. Martinez / Christian Yelich PR256   Boston Red Sox / Milwaukee Brewers
  OS41   J.D. Martinez / German Marquez PR196   Boston Red Sox / Colorado Rockies
  OS42   Juan Soto RC   Washington Nationals
  OS43   Amed Rosario RC, PR191   New York Mets
  OS44   Juan Soto RC, PR521   Washington Nationals
  OS45   Rhys Hoskins RC, SN417   Philadelphia Phillies
  OS46   Jacob deGrom   New York Mets
  OS-46A   Jacob deGrom AU, SN99   New York Mets
  OS-46B   Jacob deGrom AU, SN49   New York Mets
  OS-46C   Jacob deGrom AU, SN25   New York Mets
  OS-46D   Jacob deGrom AU, SN10   New York Mets
  OS-46E   Jacob deGrom AU, SN5   New York Mets
  OS-46F   Jacob deGrom AU, SN1   New York Mets
  OS47   Blake Snell   Tampa Bay Rays
  OS-47A   Blake Snell AU, SN99   Tampa Bay Rays
  OS-47B   Blake Snell AU, SN49   Tampa Bay Rays
  OS-47C   Blake Snell AU, SN25   Tampa Bay Rays
  OS-47D   Blake Snell AU, SN10   Tampa Bay Rays
  OS-47E   Blake Snell AU, SN5   Tampa Bay Rays
  OS-47F   Blake Snell AU, SN1   Tampa Bay Rays

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