2018 SCC KBO Collection Premium

Hidden Holo


  SCC-02/001   Suk-Min Yoon SN20   Kia Tigers
  SCC-02/017   Joo-Chan Kim SN20   Kia Tigers
  SCC-02/024   Hyoung-Woo Choi SN20   Kia Tigers
  SCC-02/045   Joo-Hwan Choi SN20   Doosan Bears
  SCC-02/048   Jae-Hwan Kim SN20   Doosan Bears
  SCC-02/049   Kun-Woo Park SN20   Doosan Bears
  SCC-02/052   Hyun-Taek Oh SN20   Lotte Giants
  SCC-02/072   Joon-Woo Jeon SN20   Lotte Giants
  SCC-02/075   Ah-Seop Son SN20   Lotte Giants
  SCC-02/087   Chang-Mo Koo SN20   NC Dinos
  SCC-02/090   Min-Woo Park SN20   NC Dinos
  SCC-02/100   Sung-Bum Na SN20   NC Dinos
  SCC-02/104   Kwang-Hyun Kim SN20   SK Wyverns
  SCC-02/109   Jong-Hoon Park SN20   SK Wyverns
  SCC-02/119   Jeong Choi SN20   SK Wyverns
  SCC-02/132   Chan-Hun Jung SN20   LG Twins
  SCC-02/147   Chun-Woong Lee SN20   LG Twins
  SCC-02/150   Eun-Sung Chae SN20   LG Twins
  SCC-02/151   Hyun-Hee Han SN20   Nexen Heroes
  SCC-02/153   Won-Tae Chae SN20   Nexen Heroes
  SCC-02/173   Taek-Keun Lee SN20   Nexen Heroes
  SCC-02/176   Tae-Yang Lee SN20   Hanwha Eagles
  SCC-02/181   Eun-Bum Song SN20   Hanwha Eagles
  SCC-02/194   Tae-Kyun Kim SN20   Hanwha Eagles
  SCC-02/207   Jung-Hyun Baek SN20   Samsung Lions
  SCC-02/214   Ji-Young Lee SN20   Samsung Lions
  SCC-02/225   Ja-Wook Koo SN20   Samsung Lions
  SCC-02/242   Jae-Kyun Hwang SN20   KT Wiz
  SCC-02/248   Jin-Yung Lee SN20   KT Wiz
  SCC-02/249   Baek-Ho Kang SN20   KT Wiz

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