2004 Video Team My Baby Got Back


  2C   2 of Clubs  
  3C   3 of Clubs  
  4C   4 of Clubs  
  5C   5 of Clubs  
  6C   6 of Clubs  
  7C   7 of Clubs  
  8C   8 of Clubs  
  9C   9 of Clubs  
  10C   10 of Clubs  
  JC   Jack of Clubs  
  QC   Queen of Clubs  
  KC   King of Clubs  
  AC   Ace of Clubs  
  2D   2 of Diamonds  
  3D   3 of Diamonds  
  4D   4 of Diamonds  
  5D   5 of Diamonds  
  6D   6 of Diamonds  
  7D   7 of Diamonds  
  8D   8 of Diamonds  
  9D   9 of Diamonds  
  10D   10 of Diamonds  
  JD   Jack of Diamonds  
  QD   Queen of Diamonds  
  KD   King of Diamonds  
  AD   Ace of Diamonds  
  2H   2 of Hearts  
  3H   3 of Hearts  
  4H   4 of Hearts  
  5H   5 of Hearts  
  6H   6 of Hearts  
  7H   7 of Hearts  
  8H   8 of Hearts  
  9H   9 of Hearts  
  10H   10 of Hearts  
  JH   Jack of Hearts  
  QH   Queen of Hearts  
  KH   King of Hearts  
  AH   Ace of Hearts  
  2S   2 of Spades  
  3S   3 of Spades  
  4S   4 of Spades  
  5S   5 of Spades  
  6S   6 of Spades  
  7S   7 of Spades  
  8S   8 of Spades  
  9S   9 of Spades  
  10S   10 of Spades  
  JS   Jack of Spades  
  QS   Queen of Spades  
  KS   King of Spades  
  AS   Ace of Spades  
  JOK   Joker (Black) VAR  
  JOK   Joker (Red) VAR  

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